Monday, September 18, 2006

A Soccer Weekend

Taylor had a soccer game on Friday evening. It rained almost the entire time! It was miserable.

Joe fashioned a slicker for Spenser out of a garbage bag he found in the car. She did not like it. Can you blame her? It's not exactly a fashion statement! (Joe just said that it's better than some of the stuff he's seen on Project Runway. Yes, I make him watch it with me ... when I remember to watch it. We usually watch the re-runs on Sunday afternoons.)

And Jack and Mason under their "tent" to keep dry.

Joe came home from work "early," so I took the 4 younger ones home and Joe and Taylor stayed. We were drenched.

And Carter had a soccer game on Saturday morning. He was the goalie for the first quarter. He has only been goalie in practice before. I was so proud of him. He had 3-4 saves, but the other team did manage to score against him a few times.

I cheer a lot from the sidelines for my children. But, on Saturday with the pulled muscle in my chest, my cheering was limited. I tried to cheer and clap, but the pain quickly reminded me to knock it off!

My chest is now feeling a little better. Things get worse before they get better, and Saturday was definitely the worst. I could barely sit or stand without assistance. I could not bend over. I could not cough (or would not cough). Joe said I was "fake coughing," so it wouldn't hurt. And Joe had to help me into bed and roll over! At least now I can do most of those things alone. I'm still in a lot of pain, but comparatively, I'm better.

And on Saturday afternoon, I finished my boy bunting / flag / banner for the front porch. Now, here's my concern. There was a newborn recently kidnapped in Missouri and the news is warning new mothers not to put birth announcements in the paper and on signs in your front yard.

I believe I live in a safe little town. The population is 1,000 (which I thought sounded high when I read it in the newspaper). We live on a dead end street. I have a security alarm (we brought it from our other house because Joe travels a lot for the Army and I'm a scaredy cat alone). Most neighbors don't lock their doors (I do ... all day long ... but that's just me!). We've rarely had any problems, other than someone trying to break into our barn in the back (before we moved in) 6 years ago. And there is a man on a moped who has been doing yardwork for a neighbor who creeps me out. But besides the creepy moped man, I feel safe and happy here.

So ... now I'm not sure if I should have Joe hang up my boy flag. Any opinions?

(Oh, and I'm supposed to go to the OB this morning ... Doesn't today seem like a nice day to have a baby???)


beki said...

Poor you! Reading about your chest pain makes me hurt.
About the banner, you just never know these days. You could always hang the banner indoors for your family to enjoy.
Good luck at your OB appointment today.

Emily said...

I was thinking the same thing as Beki, hang it inside! Just to be safe. I heard that same thing when I was dropping off for school this morning. Very scary!!!
Today is a great day for a baby!!!!!! Good luck!!!!

Jen said...

Hopefully they will tell you that you are in labor and need to report to the hospital immediatly! It would be a nice day to have a baby! Positive thoughts.

nikki said...

Laura, I think you're pretty safe to hang it. Well, besides your stalkers. lol
Good luck with the appt.

madmommy said...

I agree...hang it indoors. Even in the small (150 people) town we lived in when the munchkin was born, I was warned against putting any notices in the yard. In fact, I think it's more dangerous in the smaller towns.
Hope the day is soon! Anxiously waiting in Kansas...

Angela said...

Today would indeed be a great day! ;-)
I read that article yesterday and immediately thought of you and the banner you were making. I say, why risk it? You just never know who could be driving by. Hang it in your foyer or living room where your family and visitors can enjoy it.

lindiepindie said...

I would hang it indoors - all your friends that come will get to see it and they are really the only one's that need to know he's here, right?

Those stories freak me out, as do freaky guys on mopeds!

kookaluka said...

I agree, hang it inside where it won't get messed up by the elements. There is no such thing as a safe town and size is irrelevent. so baby next week. hooray!