Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Weekend Sewing

This is how I spent my weekend. Well, mainly the wee hours of Saturday and Monday mornings when my pregnancy insomnia kicked in.

A covered night-light lampshade with Superman fabric for my very own Superman, Mason. (Okay, technically there was no sewing involved, just tracing, cutting, and adhering.)

Skirt #1 sewn from last week's thrifted sheet, trimmed in light pink bias tape. Again, this was sewn from Simplicity 5505. (I sure hope I like the shape of these skirts after I have a normal body again. I think I've made 5 of 6 from this pattern so far.) This skirt was made slightly larger than most of them, with hopes I can wear them sooner after the baby is born. (I tried it on and it does fit me now, just a little snug in the stomach and rump.)

This is a pillowcase skirt. While I toyed with the idea in my head of making a skirt out of a pillowcase, it was this post that convinced me I could do it and much easier than I was imagining it. It was super simple.

And a pleated tote from the matching pillowcase. This was inspired by this and this and this bag. I'm hoping to pack it with some stuff (probably makeup, brush, hairdryer, etc.) for the hospital.

And today is my OB appointment. My predictions:

1 cm ... still

cervix long and thick ... still

gained 1-2 lbs (to make up for losing one last week)


Anonymous said...

i love the skirt and bag from the pillow case...i think i would wven wear that one.

beki said...

Oh my, you've been productive! I love the matching skirt and tote. I've never tried usign bias tape on a hem, but should look into that.

laeroport said...

Lera! You are a crafting, sewing, creating machine. But do you have a name yet?

Angela said...

your lampshade is cute and I really like all the skirts you've made. I bet you can whip them up really fast now. The bag is great! You're a sewing machine! ha!
Hope the dr. goes well.

lindiepindie said...

Your little Mason is so photogenic! And obviously happy with his lamp shade. I really disliked pregnancy insomnia and all I would do is read magazines. I wish I would have thought of sewing! A matching bag and skirt - great idea.