Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Embracing Pregnancy

Not too much sewing or crafting is going on these days. There's too much cleaning and nesting to do.

Remember all those "important" things to clean? The kitchen cabinet doors. Baby laundry. Door frames. Fingerprinty walls. Baby laundry. Curtains to wash. Baseboards to scrub. Baby laundry.

I mean, honestly, how much time is a newborn going to spend in the kitchen? Does it really matter if the cabinets have fingerprints on them? Well, if you are about to have a baby, the answer is wholeheartedly YES!

In the scheme of things, the cleaning is not so important. I think it is a rite of passage that we earn, knowing and thinking that, with a newborn, the house will not be clean again for a long time. Our lives will be turned upside down temporarily. Small, ordinary tasks will seem impossible (packing school lunches; putting laundry away; etc.) on limited sleep. But it really doesn't last too long. Pretty soon, things pick back up and normal routines will ensue.

So, now what?

I am going to spend these last few days (?), hours (?), weeks (please not plural!) embracing pregnancy.

Truth is, I enjoy pregnancy. (Not necessarily months of morning sickness and childbirth.)

I love feeling the baby move and kick and squirm inside my ever-growing belly. I love knowing there is a life inside of me. I love wondering who this little person is. What will he look like? Who will he grow up to be? Why am I so privileged to be a mom again?

Each pregnancy is special. Each baby is so very special. Having lots of children does not take those feelings away. I think it intensifies it. I am more and more grateful for each one. Amazed each and every time.

I have enjoyed these past nine months. Even with the challenges this pregnancy presented. I am so very grateful to have made it this far, considering my past complications.

So, as I enjoy these final moments of my pregnancy, I will try not to worry about my weight (yeah, right!). I will try not to worry that there are fingerprints on the newly scrubbed walls and doors. And I will not be thinking about the pain of childbirth until it's time.

(And here are a few baby burp cloths that I embellished. They are actually cloth diapers with chenille rickrack sewn around the edge. These are my favorite! Very absorbent. Easily bleachable. And a soft touch of chenille.)


Angela said...

Lovely post Lera! and good for you. You are right and I hope you can rest a little too.

The burp clothes look really cute.

lindiepindie said...

I really enjoyed most of my pregnancy as well. Knowing that as I went about my day - even when I was alone, I wasn't alone because I was carrying a quiet little one inside me. It really is amazing and I'm glad you're embracing it!

The burp cloths are very sweet. Where do you get the chenille? It's so soft and sweet-looking.

laeroport said...

Embrace it! The moments fly by and will not come again. My sister-in-law is due in two weeks, but she's dialated to a 4,50% effaced and according to yesterday's sonogram, the baby is a whopping 8lbs 10oz already. And last night she started spotting. I can't wait to be an aunt agian - of course I've gotta get that baby blanket and bunny done, don't I?

capello said...

Beautiful burp cloths.

I miss the feel of a baby in my belly, the feeling of carrying an itsy bitsy newborn around.

If only they'd stay so small and innocent.

beki said...

Everything you've said in the post is so true! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

African Kelli said...

I am so excited for you! When is the big day?

FinnyKnits said...

You're way brave and so positive! It's great to hear :)

And I love those burp cloths. I might have to make a bundle up for all my many friends with new babes.