Monday, September 11, 2006

Thank You

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments from Saturday's post. I felt your support from all over. I truly appreciate your concerns. Thank you.

So how did I spend my Saturday?

Well, Joe had to work. This was his first working Saturday since he started his new position in July (the position that is going to end, but that's a story for a different day). Of course. The hardest day of my life and he has to work.

I spent the morning at Carter's first soccer game of the season. My, has he (and his team) improved since last season! There was actual running on the field! There's my little man in the red ... running.

And a trip to the Washington D.C. Temple. It is so quiet and peaceful and beautiful in the temple, there is no better place to be when everything else seems to be wrong.

So today is back to normal. I was having some Braxton Hicks last night around 11 p.m. In all of my pregnancies, I have never had Braxton Hicks. The only contractions I have are the real ones. They lasted about 30-40 minutes, at 4 minutes apart, but were not painful.

Of course I'm thinking, "I'm not ready! My house is a mess!" and all the things that I have been putting off since Saturday.

And the children do not have school today or tomorrow (because of teacher in-service meeting and election day). I think the school system is trying to mess with me. Send the kids to school for 2 weeks (less Labor Day) and then 2 days off the third week. Do they not realize I'm nesting and I cannot possibly clean (or keep anything clean) when there are five children under foot?!?

I have warned the children that today is an official "cleaning day." They understand and are usually very cooperative. In fact, sometimes they want to clean when I'm not in the mood. And these are boys don't forget!

To help plead my case, I buy those Pledge Multi-Surface Clean & Dust Wipes and let them go to town. They love it. And I love it because it cuts my workload down drastically. And you can clean mirrors and tv screens with those wipes, too, and it doesn't smudge. Perfect for children!

I better get going. I have a lot of ground to cover before any more contractions!


laeroport said...

I thought about you all weekend and wondered if there was a baby yet. My daughter loves to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. We got her a child-sized broom and mop from (Montessori site) and she is a sweepin' moppin' machine. I love it when they get big enough to help!

capello said...

Argh! Get that house clean! Get that house clean! A baby's a comin'! A baby's a comin'!

Angela said...

Great soccer photo! I hope you get all your house cleaning down. The clock is really ticking now!
I had B.H. from 5 months preg. all the way through the real ones. It was for long periods of time every day. Not fun. I hope you get sometime to relax a bit too. Sit down and prop your feet up! ;-)

lindiepindie said...

What a great idea! I use those swiffer wipes and I'm sure my kids would love dusting for me.

My kids ran when they played soccer last year, but it was almost always in the wrong direction. You son is running with a sense of purpose - I can tell. Good for him!

Hmmmm...painless contractions? Maybe this means you'll have a painless birth! My Grandma had a painless birth around child #8, I believe.