Friday, September 08, 2006

Works in Progress

Thank you notes from last week's baby shower. My goal is to have them mailed before the baby is born. (And because I'm kind of anal, I won't take anything out of the bags to be washed until I've written the thank-you notes because I want to make sure I am properly thanking someone for the correct gift!) At least I've started them ...

The above picture is Spenser's room before we added the toddler bed to her room. Her room is all girly and feminine (which it should be for the only girl in the house ... well, besides me).

Here is her room now:

Same wall. Moved her old crib over for the new baby. (My adjoining bedroom door is to the right.)

I finished the bunting to make it a little more masculine for the boy baby in this all-pink room.

And, please ignore the baby laundry piled in the crib. It is another WIP for me today. This all has been washed (there's more to be done), it's just ready to be put into the dresser that Joe painted on Monday. (But it first needs some fabric drawer liners!)


lindiepindie said...

The flag/bunting looks great! You did a nice job. It adds a lot to the room. Boyish AND babyish.

laeroport said...

Looks good. Is Spenser adapting to the new big girl bed or is she still sleeping on the floor? Have fun putting away all that baby laundry!

beki said...

Cute bunting! How has Spenser adjusted to her new bed? My Alex still hasn't gotten the swing of it yet.
Can you believe that I still have thank you notes to send out? I managed to get everything out for those gifts that were given before Ava was born, but it's the ones from after her birth that still in limbo. I'm so bad!

karen said...

Your bunting looks fab - your little boy will be lucky to enter such a lovely family.