Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What's in a Name?

Well, apparently a lot!

Joe and I have been struggling for months to come up with a name for this baby. Not an easy task.

It sounds easy, but once we "try them out," we realize there are too many (bad) possibilities for nicknames.

Plus, we kind of have a pattern of names in our family. Our children tend to have "last" names as first names. It wasn't a conscious effort. We just picked names we were attracted to and, well, they've turned out to be last names. And we have usually used family names for the middle name. (And some people think we named for the first three boys after former U.S. presidents, but we really didn't.)

For example:

Taylor Wilson (Wilson after my grandfather. The last time I saw my grandfather alive was when I told him I was pregnant with Taylor.)

Carter Hale (Hale is a surname in Joe's family. And a recent discovery of a Carter in my family history.)

Jackson Reed (No family connection realized until this pregnancy and there is a Jackson in my family line.)

Mason Hart (Hart is a surname in my family.)

Spenser Bronwen Geneva (Spenser is a surname, I love the name Bronwen, and Geneva is both after my paternal grandmother and my sister, Krissy, but was mostly chosen because of Krissy.)

So what's the deal now?

Well, "pickin's are slim!" Short of naming our baby Columbus (yes, that is a family name on Joe's side that has been repeated throughout many generations), we cannot agree on a name or names, for this little man. Many names have been vetoed.

However, as of Saturday morning (which is subject to change), I think we may have found a name for this baby. Are you ready?

Sawyer Dawson. What do ya think? Does it fit in with the rest?

Dawson is Joe's grandfather's middle name and his great-great grandfather's first name. I had mentioned the name Dawson to Joe a few months ago and he was just so-so about it. At the time I had not realized the family connection. When he came back to me months later, I was "over" the name. Then a few days later I found some of Joe's geneaology and saw the family connection. That sealed it's fate. Dawson it had to be. But, for a first name? After saying it in my head repeatedly, I realized I don't think I could say it every day for the rest of my life, so it was pushed into second position.

So then we struggled with a first name. Really, really struggled. And then a friend suggested Sawyer. We like the sound of the names together, but we are now concerned about a "Spenser" and a "Sawyer" back to back.

Because I am due in 7 days I think we will have to just do it. I feel better knowing that this part of the pregnancy is over. I can relax a bit.

At least until I lay eyes on my babe and realize his name is not supposed to be Sawyer Dawson. Then we'll be back to square one ....

And just so this won't be a photo-less post, here is a picture of Spenser with her thrifted dollhouse. We found this last Thursday for $2 and it included all the "babies" and furniture. There are little bears, mice, and rabbit people, fully dressed. It has working windows and a door, and working "skylights" in the roof!

She (and all four boys) love it!!!


Anonymous said...

i love it!!! but how about RANDALL??? ha ha

beki said...

Only 7 days!!!! WOW - I had better get to the post office ASAP!
I love the name, good choice.

laeroport said...

Good name. Although have you considered Huckelberry? Or Finn? Ooohhhh. I like Finn!

kookaluka said...

hey the new girl at church is due the same time as you. 3 babies born in about the same time. fun! gotta love the name. i think it fits in great and the little sawyer i remember was soo cute with auburn curly locks. i get all my kids names mixed up whether they sound alike or not. my mom always did too. it's a mental stress thing more than a name thing. sawyer dawson....mmm....he must be good lookin!

madmommy said...

Perfect! That name is terrific, the combination works really well, and works with the family scheme. I was lucky with our munchkin, the "theme" already existed...Robert Dallas was my hubby's grandpa, Robert Craig is his father, Robert Paul is my husband, and Robert Christian is our son. Every other one goes by the middle name, thus our son is called Christian.

nikki said...

It does sound nice.
Laeroport reminded me of a little boy I used to watch. His name was Finnerty(family name) and we called him Finn. It was different, but I liked it.

capello said...

You got a steal on that dollhouse.

And, oh, the name game. I'm glad those days are behind us... because once we make up our minds, then we had to deal with our families' backlast. So. Much. Fun.

lindiepindie said...

I like Sawyer, and don't think it's bad following Spenser.

FinnyKnits said...

I'm with laeroport, I like Finn, too ;) Of course.

But I actually really like Sawyer Dawson - sounds like a celebrity. Since you've already named one of your kids my fave boy name: Jackson.

Just a few days to go -- are you all nestified?

babybug said...

i like sawyer :)
i've always thought it must help to actually look at the little baby and see if he "looks" like a name. but, then again, i've only had one babybug so what do i know! heehee.
in case you go into labor early and you don't have time to post, take care and best wishes! can't wait to see the little guy!

jen b said...

Love the name. I hope you decide to keep it :)

Angela said...

I like Sawyer too! The picking of a name is some hard work!
That little house is soooo cute AND for only $2!!! good deal!

Kristy said...

I just popped by after you left a comment on my blog.What a coincidence on of my friends has 5 boys their names?Taylor,Spencer,Carter,Mackenzie and Grady how similar!