Friday, September 15, 2006

WIP Friday

Thank you for your well wishes. I'm feeling a little better, I think. It's hard to tell.

My chest hurts worse than yesterday, but I'm starting to think I pulled a muscle in my chest from making 6 trips to the attic on Monday; carrying and moving things; and all the vigorous and "unusual" (a.k.a. nesting ritual) cleaning. It hurts to breathe (especially deep breaths), sneeze and cough. I'm really worried that, if this baby comes soon, it will be excruciating to take deep breaths to push. It won't hurt as bad as delivery, but it will not help the situation.

Yesterday, while Spenser napped, Mason and I fell asleep on the couch. I never sleep during the day, so this was quite unusual for me, but I felt much better afterwards.

And my WIP's: I'm not sure when I'll be getting around to this, but I've decided to make another bunting with the words "It's a boy!" for the front porch. I've already cut some yellow flannel (from an old receiving blanket) and some boy/boat flannel into triangles; and the letters (in paper). I'm going to use some blue gingham for the letters and I have some Wonder Under, which I've been hestitant to use because I've heard there is some defective material out there.

I also have some plain white onesies to applique.

And today I'm off to the OB. My predictions are the same as always: 1 cm, cervix long and thick, and maybe gained 1.5 - 2 lbs. (depending upon where the digital scale falls). I'm due in four, 4, vier, cuatro days.


nikki said...

let us know how your appt. goes.

lindiepindie said...

The bunting with the words on it will be so cute! It's a great idea using old blankets, because I would feel bad giving those away after all that my children did to them when they were babies. 4 days? Whoa - that's coming up. Take care...I'm glad you're feeling better. Sleep is always good. You really should stop going up to the attic, though, Miss 9-months along.

laeroport said...

Oh, my, Lera! Please give us an update today after your appointment. You are so much in my thoughts!

Eren said...

Lera, the same thing happend to me when I was pg with my firsts. They told me it was pleurisy, but I totally understand what it feels pains when you breath deeply so you breath these little shallow breaths as not to put yourself in more pain. I hope its nothing serious and that you have a good appointment otherwise.