Tuesday, September 05, 2006

So Many Exciting Things to Share ...

No baby, yet ...


Today was Mason's first official day of preschool. He has been dying to go back since his ice cream party last week. Since it has been pouring rain since last night, our traditional outside school picture had to be taken indoors. He's so proud of himself! And he found his name all by himself (even if there were only 2 names left on the table).

And I received a grand surprise today in the mail. A lovely gift from the lovely Linda.

A beautiful and very soft chenille and flannel blanket (with fire engines and police cars) for the new baby.

A set of her gorgeous quilted cards, which I'm afraid I'll be too stingy to give away :-).

And two children's aprons for Spenser and Mason. Mason has not taken it off since it arrived and has been running around the house in quite a happy dance.

Everything is beautifully made and includes many decorative stitches! (Some of which I have on my machine but have never used! Now I can follow her example!)

Thank you, Linda!

And because of so many other exciting things to post about today, I will not post my skirts or tote from yesterday's post until tomorrow... But I will post the finished Bitty Booties.

Hand blanket-stitched because the machine blanket stitch didn't meet my approval on this project.

I had these little sailboats in mind, but they aren't done to pefection. (That little boat took me an hour! Then I had to do the other bootie!) The dark blue ones have X's on them. Very simple. I thought of doing snowflakes, but I think I'll wait until closer to winter time (and in the larger size).


Angela said...

What great goodies! and Mason looks so proud. Your bitty booties are so cute! Well done!

beki said...

Isn't Linda a darling?

I love those bitty booties, they're so cute!

capello said...

Yay Mason!

And oh my, that blanket. I think you might need to break it in for the baby.