Thursday, September 21, 2006

Corners of My Home

Actually more corners outside my home. First up, "You know you're a redneck when you're growing pumpkins in your front yard."

Last year we had tossed a rotten pumpkin (that was too soft to make it all the way to the outside trash bin) near our old giant tree, and this year we're growing pumpkins! The boys love watching them grow. Especially since our garden was never planted this year. We have been unsuccessful at growing pumpkins in our garden.

And while Joe is on leave, he is painting the front of our house.

When we originally bought the house (May 2000), it was covered in asbestos siding. It was removed from the front and one side and underneath was the original wooden, German siding. We painted it then and it looked great. Just a few short years later, the paint was peeling and looking yucky.

He's been scraping and priming and painting for the last few days. (The light color is tinted primer, which is not as dark as the house color.) The color next to him (behind the shutter) is the old color. The color at the bottom of the house is going to be the "new" color of the house. We matched it to the vinyl siding we had to put up on some new construction.

And this morning is my non-stress test at the hospital. They will check the baby's heart rate (via fetal heart monitor), monitor any contractions I may be having (too sporadic at this time), and make sure there's enough amniotic fluid.

But doesn't September 21st sound like a good day to be born?


Emily said...

First off I have to say, "GO NAVY" and will just leave it at that....

09-21-06 has a nice ring to it!

good luck today!

beki said...

I'm envious of your pumpkins! For years I've tried growing them through planting and letting rotten pumpkins grow in the trash pile, but they never do. I get vines and flowers, but no pumpking. Maybe next year.
We need to paint our house too. We're hoping to get around to it when the weather gets a bit cooler.

kookaluka said...

we planted pumpkins but nothing yet. you have great luck! my kis love the pumpkin patch and to watch things grow in the garden. your soil must be better.

lindiepindie said...

Isn't it just like nature to not let you grow pumpkins in your garden, but they grow beautifully where you dropped one? Funny. My boys would love watching stuff grow here, too, but in TX it's just too hard to grow anything unless you want to work REALLY hard and spend an arm and a leg on your water bill. *sigh*

madmommy said...

...Beat Navy!

Anyhow, I had to giggle at your pumpkin patch...figures...seems like plants will grow when and where they will. Like my 3 ft tall tomato vines w/o tomatoes. sigh. Hope your test goes well!

laeroport said...

September 21st seems like a wonderful day to have a baby! Good luck with that.

capello said...

Yes, the 21st. Definately a good idea.

African Kelli said...

It sounds like a lovely day to be born!
And I can't believe you throw a pumpkin outside one year and the next you have a crop. I tried growing pumpkins in Phoenix and let's just say the sun won.

Angela said...

This baby is waiting for something, huh? Keely was almost 2 weeks late! argh. I know your anxious now.
That pumpkin patch is cool. I've never been able to grow them on purpose!
Good luck with the painting Joe. ;-)

FinnyKnits said...

See! You DO have a garden! And pumpkins! Which I don't have this year. Jealous!! And, personally, I love that they're growing in the front yard. A neighbor of ours grown watermelons in his sidewalk patch. Super awesome.