Friday, September 01, 2006

WIP Friday

The PJ bottoms (previously two WIPs) are finally finished! These bottoms were having problems. Actually, it wasn't the PJs ... it was me. Christy finally took a look at them at Mason's birthday party and realized that the waist wasn't matching up because I pinned the legs together perpendicularly! They were at a 90 degree angle from one another! Duh! I'm very happy to have used her brain to figure it out!
My first two pairs of Bitty Booties. I still have yet to embellish them. These are so freaking cute I can't believe I haven't made them sooner!
Some fabric triangles for a "bunting." We don't call them buntings in the U.S. (maybe a banner?), but I love calling it a bunting. (A bunting in the U.S. is a baby's snowsuit.)
And another skirt (Simplicity 5505) for after the baby using one of the thrifted sheets from Wednesday. I used the hem of the sheet as the hem of the skirt. All I needed to do after cutting out the 2-piece pattern, was sew the sides, sew casing, insert elastic and sew casing opening. It was simple, quick, and easy.
Now I am contemplating a few things for this skirt:
Should I leave it as is?
Should I add orange bias tape?
Should I add fuschia bias tape?
Should I add orange bias tape with fuschia ribbon above it? (Christy's suggestion, which I really like!)

If you have an opinion, let me know!


laeroport said...

You busy bee! Are you sure you are about to pop a baby? And I vote for both pink AND orange.

capello said...

I agree with Christy.

How do you do all of this with five kids?

lindiepindie said...

Wow - the bottom picture really adds a lot to the skirt, I think. I mean it looks fine by itself, but there's a big punch if you go with both.

You busy girl. Those booties are cute!

beki said...

The combo of the two looks great - a real punch of color!

quenna said...

Such cute shoes! Best wishes on the upcoming baby :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

kookaluka said...

looks like i win by popular vote!

jen b said...

Lera girl, how do you do it? love the pjs and the skirt. I like the orange.