Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ahh ... The Swap Shop

Since Joe was out of town all of last week, he took off yesterday and today. So, what else do Joe and I do best but visit the Swap Shop?

I think this was my funnest trip ever.

Joe usually goes in first and looks around (it's a three-walled outdoor shack that is too cold and dirty for the children). Then it's my turn. By the time I went in, I was the only female and I'm pretty sure the only English-speaking person. Being the only female, I had my pick of most things that men aren't interested in.

One of the boxes I was digging around in had Christmas ornaments and lights. When I stuck my hand in the box, I saw the little Santa ornament. Then I started digging for more. As I'm digging through this box of mostly junk, I realized that the box had dried, uncooked spaghetti thrown in it. I was digging amongst food for my treasures. It was worth it because I found three of the ornaments.

Then I spied this adorable little red bag. Leather.

At the Swap Shop you just kind of grab things and decide later if you want it. If you walk away from anything, it might not be there in a few minutes. Being the only female, no one else was interested in the red bag, but I grabbed it right away anyway.

Inside of the bag I found this:

hard, dried, stale bread!

I was seriously ready for my hand sanitizer after this trip.

And, as always, everything at the Swap Shop is free. (I did find a few more treasures that I'll share another time.)


kirsten said...

oh, good. thank you for making the swap shop sound a little less magical. we were all very jealous.

Karyn said...

I wish we had a Swap Shop!!! And look!!! There's the bingo cards!!! I STILL can't believe you found them!!!

Alicia A. said...

Looks like a Coach bag. I always wanted one of those when I was a teen but they are pricey.

capello said...

well, i don't know about you but i *always* store my leftover spaghetti dinner with my christmas ornaments.


i love those ornaments!

laeroport said...

Man, we need a swap shop! You find the best stuff! Score!

feli said...

Wow... swap shop. I envy you. :*) cool finds though.