Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sewing and No Smoke

Two wintry Mailorder bonnets. The one on the left is made from chocolate brown corduroy and lined with brown and lime cotton. The one on the right is made from some brown, floral calico that was given to me and lined with chestnut brown corduroy. My sewing machine gave me a real fit sewing through the corduroy. I'm going to the fabric store today to see if I can find some better needles. (I cut these out on Saturday night after the children were sleeping. I sewed a little on Monday and finished them last night.)

* * * * * Followup * * * * *

Our house is still intact!

I think I emailed everyone who inquired about the mystery smoke yesterday, but just in case:

My father (via phone) said that it could be an insect or dust bunny in the smoke detector that fried and set off the alarm. When Joe came home from work, he intended to check the house, but had to rush off for an Eagle scout board of review. He returned after 9 p.m. and investigated. He found a dirty air filter on our 2nd floor heat pump with some "chunks of dust" missing in some spots. He thinks some dust got loose and went to the heating element.

I'm just very thankful that the smoke detectors are so precise in detecting the smoke. There was no visible smoke, just the smell of something burning. Regardless of what it was, it was still very scary. Jack (6) prayed last night that it wouldn't happen again. I think he was afraid to be upstairs alone last evening.


nikki said...

Glad it turned out to be nothing. How did Jack sleep last night?

capello said...

don't you watch any television?

kirsten said...

stupid dust bunnies! sometimes a home is a big pain!
what's the plan for the bonnets? spenser?