Thursday, January 11, 2007

School Lunches. It's a Four-Letter Word.

Every morning I dread packing school lunches. Each of the three older boys have different preferences. It's a zoo in the morning before school and I feel like a short-order cook.

I have come up with a few things that have made it easier for me. In my pantry I have 2 crates. One for sweet treats/fruit (above) and the other for salty snacks. Each of the boys gets a sweet treat (cookie, pudding, granola bar) and a fruit (applesauce, diced peaches, mixed fruit) and a salty snack (PB crackers, chips, Doritos, "dipping things"). (Of course they get a sandwich and 100% juice box as well.)

It still isn't a smooth morning. But at least it's somewhat more organized.

And on Fridays. Well, I love Fridays. Fridays are always pizza day at school and the boys buy lunch!

Come on, Friday!


capello said...

when i read your title i was going to suggest your already in place system to you.

a few years ago i saw the dilley lady (you know, the one in indiana with sextuplets?) and that was her system. seemed so smart to me.

or, you could always go the route my evil step-monster did: make them make their own damn lunches. (there was no love, no love involved at all ::sob::)

laeroport said...

I am not looking forward to adding that step to the morning chaos next year. *sigh* It makes me tired just thinking about it. Maybe I should continue to shell out way too much money for Aidin to go Montessori elementary school just so I don't have to deal with lunch. But I don't think Tim would buy that logic.

TinkerBlue said...

when we were kids, many more years ago than I care to admit, we made a terms worth of sandwiches, gladwapped them, wrote our names and contents on them and they all went in the freezer. Each morning we took our lunch out of the freezer. We did that for years!

Eren said...

This is great! Ive kind of already started this without meaning to, but I love that then the kids can help themselves and make their own decisions! Perfect!!!

Ash said...

Hi :) First time visitor here - came to see the funny pic in a more recent post of your guy stuck in the fence :0 Anyway, I just wanted to say how different your lunch system there is to the one we have here in the Netherlands. Our lunches are prescribed by the school - one sandwich (as in two slices of bread), with something on it, preferably cheese or sliced meat. One fruit, preferably cut up into slices, mine usually get an apple.

Milk to drink which comes from the school system (we pay for it and the milk company delivers it to school). That's it, that's their lunch!

They also get a midmorning snack which is a fruit juice and a banana, or it can be a granola bar or something like that. But if it has chocolate on it, then it's not allowed.

Just interested me somewhat to see the difference!