Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Ugly Truth

Here is secret, exclusive footage of the Swap Shop. (This is the "outside." I say that because the building really only has 3 walls. It's really like an outside room.)

This is the front of the building. (If you look closely, I am just below the yellow sign with my hand in the box and I just found something cool -- see bottom photo.)

Oh, and here I am again. Joe wanted everyone to see the funny rules of the Swap Shop. We love the bottom sign.

Now a peek of the inside. (Some pictures didn't turn out. I felt kind of dumb with my camera in there. I was trying to be discreet, but when the flash went off, the whole place lit up. My secret was exposed.)

A pile of craft books. I found a few cross-stitching books for my friend, Brinda. (It was so cold that day that I went through the pile as quickly as possible.)

The box of Christmas ornaments with spaghetti was still there. Trash has been added since. Some other nasty stuff has been cropped out of the photo.

And, at the Swap Shop you take the bad with the good. The good part is finding cool things (i.e., these two Pyrex baking dishes). The bad part is sifting through some of the junk (i.e., see the black spots in the dishes, it's mouse poop!) A little bleach (or actually a lot of bleach) and a cycle through the dishwasher and they are good to go).

Oh, and I realized late yesterday that when I was talking about my angel with the "moustache" I think I had mouse poop on the brain. I really do know that mustache does not have an "o."


kirsten said...

looking at the outside and all 'oh, look at the dresser!' etc.
but the inside - oh man, i just can't deal with rampant mouse poop.

and what loser through trash in there?!

still wish we had one, though! :)

Karyn said...

You are too funny showing us the "real" side of the swap shop. I must say, those pyrex dishes are amazing!!!

capello said...

damn flash. they ruin all our secret fun.

Molly said...

I think I prefer 'moustache' :-) I wish we had a swap shop.

beki said...

I would love to dig aorund in a place like that, with rubber gloves on, of course.

Amy said...

Eeek... would I be brave enough to dig through? Probably not, but I'd grab the cool stuff on the surface!