Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Moments with Mom

This morning, I had just finished nursing Sawyer when my bedroom door opened and standing in the doorway were Carter and Jack. With breakfast in bed for me. Trix yogurt and a s'mores granola bar. The bowl is empty because Carter was holding a bag of cereal (that he chose) for me to pour.
They are so sweet to me. They did this often while I was on bedrest. What loving little boys.
I had interesting conversation with Carter yesterday after school. It went like this:
Carter: I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Laura.
Me: That's a nice name. ::smile:: What happened to Kayla? (The love of his life for more than 2 years.)
Carter: Kayla picks her nose and eats it.
Me: Oh ... ::gagging::
Carter: Kayla likes Justin.
Me: Oh.
Carter: Laura likes Justin, too.
Carter in his short 8 years has had many girlfriends. But he has adored Kayla continually since kindergarten. She's a pretty girl, but she just strings him along. Accepting his gifts. Telling him he's her boyfriend ... one of many ... but that she won't marry him. (LOL!!! Marriage!) But I think that was just 1st-grade talk. Now that they are in 2nd grade, things are different. He's ready to move on and not just be "one" of her boyfriends.
* * * * Totally not related, but I need your opinion* * * * *
On Friday afternoon Mason and I put together this giant Star Wars Lego thing (while Spenser napped). While we were working on it, we had the project on a big wooden board so it wouldn't fall apart. It took a couple of hours of work and my elbows were on the board most of the time, either putting the pieces together or searching for the correct pieces. My right elbow has been hurting ever since. I think I bruised it.
Anyway, I was reading an email this morning from Karyn and had my arms folded. My left hand was touching my right elbow. It felt freakishly warm. I compared it to my other elbow and that was of normal temperature. Then I started looking at my elbow (as best I could, since it's my elbow) and "massaging" it. It is swollen and I think there's fluid in there. It is still freakishly warm. And the "fluid" looks like a lump! What's up with that? Anyone ever had this before?
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capello said...

your elbow naturally has fluid in it, and it is easily damaged causing elbow bursitis.

and it hurts, i've had it before too.

Alicia A. said...

huh. sorry about the sore elbow.

Young love. At least he's taking off the rose colored glasses... ; )

kirsten said...

sorry about the elbow! have no advice, though.

beki said...

Yikes! I hope your elbow feels better soon.

Such a sweet moment with Mom.

laeroport said...

Sweet boys with the breakfast in bed. Can they train my kids to do that?

And the girlfriend comment reminded me of Aidin telling me a few months ago, very intently from the back seat, "Mommy - today Gabriel and I fell in love." So ernest. Crack me up.

Hope your elbow feels better.

Karyn said...

Yikes, I have elbow issues, in fact, I have a bionic one...but it wasn't my fault!!! he he he

I have no idea what to tell you except I hope it's nothing and goes away soon!!!

Kelli said...

Yikes. I've never heard of this before. I'd recommend taking a couple of Motrin -- good anti-inflammatory -- and giving it a couple of days. If it is still warm to the touch then, I'd see a doc.

On an entirely different note -- breakfast in bed!! Such wonderful children you have. You so deserve it lady!

Emily said...

how is your arm....
sorry I have been a little mia lately....

shirley said...

Eeps. Don't know what could be wrong, but hope your elbow gets better soon.

Your boys are just too sweet. I can't think of a better breakfast.