Friday, February 16, 2007

Thank You

Who doesn't need a friend like this?

A friend who will come and free your car from inches of solid ice and snow so you can take your baby to the doctor.
This is one of my best friends, Kim. She came over yesterday to help dig out my car. She came wielding her own digging iron, pick axe, and shovel! She's one tough girl.
Health Update:
A special thanks for all of your sweet comments. The baby is doing better. He is still wheezing, but he's doing well. And he's just as smily as ever.
Spenser is on antibiotics for her ear and she has an appointment with an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor on Thursday.
Joe's vision is blurry (more blurry than minutes after the surgery) and he is still in pain. We are returning to the army hospital this morning for his "last" followup. I think they may want to see him next week. He is still taking Percoset around the clock for pain and it's not helping. The medicine is giving him an itchy rash which is adding to his misery. Poor guy.


Emily said...

I have been thinking about you and all the ails at your house. You are a strong woman.. keep up the good work! I hope Joe gets better soon. Eye pain is really hard to deal with... I have been there!
I am so glad sweet Sawyer is doing better. My Jackson toughed it out for school yesterday, I don't think he will make it today! Keep those kiddos and you and Joe warm this weekend!

kirsten said...

what a good friend!

memyselfandsewing said...

I hope everyone gets well soon.

beki said...

Thank goodness for friends with pick axes! I hope that your household gets better soon.

nikki said...

Ugghh this snow and ice! We've been chipping away at our driveway since yesterday. Yay for Kim!
Poor Joe, I hope they find relief for him soon.

Karyn said...

Yes, agreed, we ALL need a friend like that, you're VERY lucky.

I'm glad the little ones are on the road to recovery, I'm sure the big one will be feeling better soon. I took percocet (sp?) when I had my elbow replaced....I really really liked it.

lindiepindie said...

That sounds horrible. I sure hope the DO see him next week. I'm glad you have good friends to help you when you're this crazy busy with everything. You didn't say you were, but I'm sure Joe can't help a whole lot if he's in pain. Bless you, Lera.

kookaluka said...

i bought me a pick axe and some salt yesterday. works pretty good.