Monday, December 03, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm

Saturday was Jackson's birthday party. Two words. Holy. Cow.

Thank goodness it is over. Thank goodness we survived. Thank goodness is all I can say.

We all know that I have five boys. A few more (four to be exact) shouldn't really make a difference. Or so I thought. My boys can be rowdy at times. They are boys, you know. But this was different. These weren't boys. They were like wild animals being led into captivity. Oh yeah. It was that bad. It started at 2 p.m. They all arrived at 1:50. By 2:41 p.m. I was wishing it was over. In a good way. My mother, who raised eight children, agreed that it was wild and hairy. At times we would look at each other and just shake our heads.

Let's see. The highlights? Besides the "normal" wrestling, running, attacking, jumping on the furniture, screaming, running through the house with food, and lack of manners, we had "choking." Apparently it's a fun thing for boys this age to put their hands around someone's throat and "choke" them. Uh. No thanks. And, the best part? Oh, that would be when the boys flipped over my sofa. Hands down. In an act of desperation, after the crafting (that took all of 15 minutes, I think) and make-you-own mini pizzas, I resorted to allowing them to watch Meet the Robinsons. I was desperate, you know. (They saw my older sons watching it in the family room and wanted to watch it, so I caved.) At some point in the first five minutes of the movie, the sofa was flipped. They all "won" a seat on the floor for the rest of the party.

Now I have two more birthday parties to look forward to this month. Taylor's and Carter's. One down. Two to go ... Oy.

(I should mention that one nephew and two nieces were there and you barely noticed them. They are so well-behaved. I should also add that the boys who attended the party are not bad children. I think they were just excited to be together.)


kirsten said...


ha! that is hilarious. only two more, only two more....

Annie said...

oh my!!sounds like it's time for some other kind of birthday celebration for the kids.

How about combining all those Dec. birthdays into one big party in the summer and keep them all outside. I know the boys wouldn't like that at first and there would be lots of different ages but it would save on the furniture a bit, not on your nerves though- : )

Yikes, birthday parties are hard to get through and 3 in one month....wishing you the best!

: )

Karyn said...

comLOL! I love your little disclaimer at the end.

I would have sent them all home (obviously I don't have kids!).


Anonymous said...

funny little disclaimer - i have to say i was impressed with your craftiness earlier - i was impressed that your boys had friends who would sit and craft the entire party - ha! looks like they got a little older.

beki said...

Wow! That sounds like an adventure!!

Sarah and Jack said...

LOL sounds a lot like every party we attend with/have for Jack.

I am thinking one of those pump it up/chuck e cheese/bowling party things is looking better every year.

sammyjo said...

wow, now im scared that i'll have boys lol good luck with the other parties hope you servive lol

FinnyKnits said...

I love the contrast between this post and the previous one. It appears that they can go from sweet snugglers to couch crashers in a moment's notice.

Maybe all the moms hopped their boys up on sugar before dropping them at your house early.

;) Congrats for not snapping.

capello said...


they start that young now? it's a way to get "high". they choke each other, start to pass out and get a rush of adrinaline.

you need to have a SERIOUS talk with your boys.

Sonja said...

It's the soda-and-menthos effect: Harmless away from each other, killer combo when together!
Glad you made it through!

Little Munchkins said...

Oh my, what an experience it must have been. Glad you survived it LOL

kristin said...

how do i write my laughter here?

hee hee hee

amandajean said...

oy. I can about imagine the chaos. you are a brave woman if you go on with the other 2 parties. :) have you recovered yet?

Chara Michele said...

Oh my! :)

TinkerBlue said...

I'm sorry, I had to laugh. I could see the sofa being flipped. I'm sure the boys enjoyed it.

Goodluck with the next two!