Sunday, December 30, 2007


A certain boy in our house turned nine yesterday. Carter, our #2 son (in birth order only), was born nine years ago yesterday. And, boy, has it been an adventure with him.

Carter was the one who wore a Power Ranger costume everyday for many months (years?), without even watching a single Power Ranger episode. Then he was Spiderman. He was obsessed with boots (snow, cowboy, whatever) and wore them, even if he had nothing else on (see above). We were always asked by strangers if he was going to a costume party. He was a character. He was a handful, and still is some days. He has a spunky spirit.

Yesterday afternoon we had a small friend's party for him. He invited several friends, but one was out of town and the other was sick at the last minute. He had two show up and that was enough.

For entertainment, we had "geocaching" in the backyard. Joe jotted down clues on some lunch sacks and we divided the kids into two teams (Carter with his friends and Taylor with the younger siblings).

Simple clues like: Are you thirsty? for the cache behind the old lemonade stand. I smell mint for the mint candy cache in our mint patch. Cock-a-doodle-doo for the cache near our chicken coop.

There were seven caches total. Most were filled with candy. Some were filled with small Play-doh or pencil cap erasers. I think the boys had fun. It was really a last minute idea. Joe and I were gathering things just an hour before the party. (It's mentally strenuous to plan a party just a few days after Christmas.)

And, fear no more, new Chuck's (birthday Chuck's) are in the house. Thank you, Overstock. You saved me lots of money!

I think he had a happy birthday.


dig this chick said...

Happy birthday to the last of your December babes! Love the new photo header.

Sarah and Jack said...

Hapde Burfday Carter!

Karyn said...

That sounds like a fun party! Happy Birthday Carter! (Nice shoes too)

LK said...

Great ideas! And a loving tribute to your son. When my son turned 9 (he's 14 now) I started having nightmares that he was a teen! Well, he is now and he is still a sweetheart. Looks like you have some, too!

amandajean said...

happy birthday Carter! hope you had a great one.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday CHA CHA CHA. for the ones that i have missed...her is a big CHA CHA CHA just for you!!

laeroport said...

Happy Birthday, Carter! Wow! Nine years go fast, don't they? What a great idea to geocache in the back yard. I hear you on planning a party a few days after Christmas. Hard to get motivated. And so glad to see the birthday fairy brought new Chucks! Ya hoo!

Chara Michele said...

Yay for new Chuck's & a fun sounding birthday! :)

(And now I am totally curious, do you actually have chickens or just a chicken coop?)