Monday, December 10, 2007


The karate tournament was Saturday. This was the second one our boys participated in. They did so well. Jackson placed sixth in "One Step." Carter placed sixth in "Forms" and fifth in "Fighting." Taylor placed second in "Forms" and first in "Fighting." I almost cried. Almost. We are so proud of them. I guess taking the boys to karate every week pays off. I will remind myself of that the next time I take the kids when Joe is out of town, leaving me with Spenser and Sawyer to quietly entertain in confined quarters for an hour.

And, while I'm already bragging about my kids, I wanted to say that last week at Taylor's instrumental band/chorus school concert Taylor played a clarinet solo. It was actually a "soli," where several children played solos, along with another instrument. Taylor played his piece with a boy who played saxophone. They both did a great job.

We don't have any photos from either the concert or the karate tournament because we were too busy videoing it on the camera. I guess the convenience of having a camera that takes videos has its drawbacks ... no photos.

(And a note about the karate ornaments. We gave them to the boys on Saturday night after the tournament. They seemed okay with them. They didn't love them at first as much as I had hoped. However, by last night, they were loving them more. Hopefully by the time we get our tree up and decorated, they will love them even more. Fingers crossed.)


Karyn said...

You only ALMOST cried?? I bet your eyes were AT LEAST wet. :)

I'm sure before long, those karate ornaments will become their absolute favourites! Get the tree up already, would ya! ;)

laeroport said...

WOO HOO! You've got such a fantastic family.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure karyn is right - you had too have a least little bit of a teardrop forming! congrats to your boys!

kids are so fickle. i'm sure they'll be clamoring to hang them up on that tree.

kirsten said...


and hi-yah!

TinkerBlue said...

Way to go boys!