Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Day of School

So it's over. School has ended. Summer has begun. And I will officially lose my mind this summer.

The afternoon started with our traditional walk to get ice cream (or Slurpees) to celebrate the last day of school.

The cool treat was a welcome relief to the heatwave we've been experiencing. The walk was a hot one.

Our day ended with karate. The four boys attended their last karate class until fall and Taylor had an advancement exam.

Here he is with his instructor in a take-down. At the end of the exam, Taylor went from green belt to 4th degree blue belt. He skipped purple belt. (photo on flickr)

Congratulations, Taylor. We are so proud of you. Straight A's on your report card (again). Six earned merit badges. And now a blue belt in karate. Well done, son.

Trips to the School Nurse official tally for 2007-2008 (see sidebar):

Taylor: 2
Carter: 14 (including a visit on the last day of school)
Jackson: 11
Mason: 26

More than likely, there were more visits than this that I didn't know about. The school nurse started to identify herself on the phone to me as "Maureen, your new best friend" because we talked so frequently.


Tori said...

Yea, let the fun begin!!!
Oh yea and congrats for Taylor and his blue belt!!

nikko said...

Yay for summer! I like your tradition of walking to get a slurpee. Too bad we can't walk to anywhere from our home.

Hope you stay sane. ;o)

amandajean said...

I like the idea of a tradition on the last day of school to get slurpees, too. good luck staying sane. that's my second goal. the first one is survival.

Karyn said...

First of all, congratulations to Taylor!!

Second of all, it looks like the beginning of a SUPER summer! :)

laeroport said...

Did you make a tote bag for Maureen? I think she probably earned it. Ha!
Try not to loose your mind and Congrats to your boys for all their success.

Gail :) said...

Yum I love slurpees! Here's to a completely fun, activity filled, no I'm bored complaints, summer!

Melanie said...

Congratulations Taylor!

I had to laugh at the "your new best friend" bit. A friend's children were so accident prone I swear they could trip over their own shadows. She said that one day she'd go into the hospital and be conducted to the ward named after her family. LOL

FinnyKnits said...

My cousin tells me that after a long summer of having all the kids at home from school, she and all her friends go out for breakfast when they drop the kids back off at school on the first day.

And they have drinks.

Be sane, my friend.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Wow, that is a lot of nurse trips! :O) There is nothing better than a slurpee on a hot day. It has been very oppressive lately, hasn't it? Glad it finally broke today.

Heidijayhawk said...

man i feel like our summer is nearly half over already! we have been out nearly a month! good luck and congrats taylor!

cici said...

your school nurse count cracks me up. one child has as many visits as the other 3 combined!

congrats to taylor!

Jo-Anne said...

Way to go Taylor!! Very impressive!

When my kids were younger, I brought out the chore chart on the first day of summer vacation. They each had a room that they were responsible to clean everyday (in addition to their own bedroom). They had a different room everyday. They couldn't play or call a friend until it was done. It worked out great and I wasn't chasing them around with a broom and a wet rag. As they got older and could do their own laundry, I assigned each of them a day that they could do it. It has worked wonders!

Take care!

txmommy said...

congrats on the belt, we know what a big deal that is around here :)

Amy said...

I'm glad I'n not the only one who will go crazy this summer. The kids have already reduced me to tears twice and it's only the 2nd day of vacation!!!

Alicia A. said...

26. 26?!



Jane said...

That school nurse tally cracks me up every time I visit! Too funny. Maybe Carter has a crush on the school nurse?

utmommy said...

Yeah for summer!

We went out for ice cream on the last day too!

Emily said...

Oh goodness, so many visits to the school nurse.... they might as well have your name on the door!

Traditions are fun! All these activites are lovely memories in the making!

Gosh, your kids sure have lots of physical activities! You are a great parent!