Friday, June 06, 2008

Place Mats, Part Deux

Last year I made some dish towel place mats. I really loved them. And still do. I had forgotten how much I loved them until I pulled them out this year for some outdoor dining. It was then that I decided that eight was just not enough. Kids are messy. The place mats last one meal, and that's if we are lucky.

I pulled out the remaining stash of my Martha Stewart dish towel collection and got to work. They are really so simple. Just take a dish towel, cut in half, and sew a double-rolled hem along the raw edge. In no time at all I added 14 to my pile.

Now if the weather would only cooperate and stop raining every day, and then not be so stinking hot and humid already (it is only June, after all) we might be able to put them and some of this stuff to serious use.


Karyn said...

LOVE those!!

I have never bought the MS dish towels because I could never think of what to do with them.

What a super idea!

Little Munchkins said...

Gosh Lera, you are on a roll. Would never have thought of using dish towels as place mats myself.

utmommy said...

What a great idea!

miss chris said...

Great idea, Lera. I wanna come over and eat at your house and use your cute placements. Maybe Spense will share a strawberry shortcake napkin with me?

Melanie said...

Hia Lera, love the thrift bargains. The cake plate transformation is brilliant. You can do something similar with scratched trays or even decoupage them and varnish after a base coat.

Well done with the plant. I have a stephanotisd in the kitchen growing in an arc like that. I just keep winding it round when it grows.

Brill idea with the tea towel re-use. I love the ideas you come up with.

amandajean said...


(I wish I had a stash of dishtowels like that.)

Jo-Anne said...

Do paper towels constitute a place mat??
Just wondering....:)

Have you ever seen the little bags made out of a placemat? They are adorable. Spencer would love them!

jessi said...

good luck with the weather cooperating - we have a frost warning tonight! yuck! I love your placemats - what a great thing for outdoor summer meals!

Wendz said...

What a fabulous idea! They really are cheerful and summery.