Thursday, June 05, 2008

More Before & After Projects

I am most certain that if there were a contest for the blackest thumb, I would win. Hands down. I kill everything. At first all goes well. I remember to water my plants regularly and then I get busy and forget. My plants can go weeks before I remember to water them. Seriously it's bad. I have no houseplants.

Well, that is until I bought this poor, unsuspecting vinca vine. Joe was surprised at my purchase. "You are buying a plant?!?" I know. I know. It's not fair to the plant. I get that. But this will be different.

Okay, after a week, the plant is still alive. And I remembered to water it already this morning.

This is my plant now. I Joe made a frame out of an old metal clothes hanger and I weaved the plant around it from both sides. Pretty simple. I think the hardest part will be keeping this sucker alive.

And this crafty idea came via Sarah. This is an old, silver pedestal tray that I picked up for free at our swap shop. I didn't really know what I was going to do with it. It hung around on my dining room table and held small things I needed to repair. I was getting sick of it and decided it was going to be donated to Purple Heart. Well, that was until I saw Sarah's post.

Now it's a lovely pale pink pedestal tray. I love the transformation. And it has nothing to do with the fact that everything looks better when paired with chocolate chip cookies.

Edited to add: I have seen silver trays in the dollar store. It would be great to use this idea for a bridal or baby shower!


Karyn said...

WOW! I really like what you did with that vine. It looks great!

And look at you with the pedastal full of cookies! I wonder if it will look like that at the end of July? ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice on both projects! I've gotten into the habit of watering my houseplants every Mon. morning. I now have 3 that are doing well!

Jo-Anne said...

The tray is a very clever idea. I like it much better pink! :)

I have a forgetful habit when it comes to watering plants, too. I finally gave up and have a few silk plants here and there.
I do love the vinca vine...and it looks completely healthy. Good work!

Sarah and Jack said...

Doesnt it make you want to spray paint everything? LOL

utmommy said...

Great projects!

miss chris said...

Cute cute tray. Love it pink. I'm not very good with houseplants either, but a schedule is a good idea. Yours is looking great. :)

jessi said...

I love your little plant - so cute! And painting your pedestal plate was ingenious!

amandajean said...

I love the pedestal in pink!

and I might rival you for the blackest thumb. seriously.

Emily said...

Lera, I am just like you... plants die under my care!

Mmp is that all that is pink?... or are there more to come...!!! LOL

Love the cookies on that tray!

Wendz said...

The pedestal in pink is such a great idea. Would also make a great prezzie for someone that has everything!

cici said...

plant rule at my house: i buy and plant. dh waters. or the plant dies.

i like the pink pedestal.

Jane said...

I love this!