Wednesday, July 29, 2009


my knees.

Last week I did two three dumb things. One, I tripped on our front porch steps carrying a sleeping Spenser. We both ended up on the front porch. On our bellies. I banged up my left knee pretty significantly. I was bloody and had a goose-egg. A week and a half later, I still have a nasty yellowing bruise and itchy scab.

And if I weren't dumb enough, the next night I went running with a friend. I have had lifelong knee problems and they pop quite often (which relieves pain and stiffness). My knee needed to pop and I couldn't get it to pop, but I ran anyway. It was a dumb thing to do. And what made it even more dumb is that I ran on it again Friday morning. My knee is not good.

(Last year we vacationed in this very spot and I had a sore running knee.)


jessi said...

Hope it feels better soon!

Stacey said...

get better soon!

Marty said...

I thought I was the only one to pop my knee to make it quit hurting! We're sisters of the knee! Don't count on me running with you, though, I do believe I'm allergic to running! ;o)

amandajean said...

take care of yourself, girl!

Chara Michele said...

ouch! I hope your knees get better soon! Be careful :)

Anonymous said...

Lady, face it:
Running - bad.
Walking - good.

You must have taken the picture at the top of your blog at this same spot lastyear. I love that picture. Every kid should get to spend significant time at a Lake.

FinnyKnits said...

Oh mama. A knee brace at the beach is no fun.

Take it easy on yourself and rest that achy knee.

Have fun out there :) Running will be waiting for you when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

make me feel bad for taking you running. Oh....i got my blueberries and offically now have "BLACK POOP" lol lol lol

Mandy said...

Oh, that's awful! I hurt my thigh not too long ago because of running too much... and continuing to run despite the pain... and then running some more. It'll be good for you to rest it and stay off it and just relax a bit. :-)