Monday, July 27, 2009


(Boo to our new governor who is closing down the free, educational exhibit center.)


amandajean said...

i love that photo! so fun!

Anonymous said...

That totally stinks that Sideling Hill will be closing. I grew up just across the Md/Pa border and we always stopped at Sideling Hill on our way back from road trips--it was the landmark that made us feel like we were in home territory.

Also, I see you are visiting Deep Creek. So pretty! Have you ever visited Grantsville during your stays? They have a cool little artisan village called Spruce Forest, adjacent to the Penn Alps restaurant (traditional Mennonite fare). It's pretty neat to see the artists at work, and totally free to walk through. All of the artists are great, but Gary Yoder is a world class bird carver and his carvings are really something to see.

You might also like visiting Yoders market just up the road in Springs, Pa. And there is a little Amish/Mennonite quilt shop right on the main street that is a fun browse.

I sound like the Grantsville Chamber of Commerce! But thanks for jarring my memories--I'm living in Florida now and so far from the beautiful mountains of Md/PA.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Is that on 70 (or 48?) heading toward the west? I remember that pass. It is treacherous in the winter.

Grace =) said...

I pass that going to and from's very pretty.