Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am the Mom of a Teenager

This teenager, in fact.

This boy has up and turned 13 today. It kills me. How did this happen? I was so not ready to have a teenager. And it suddenly makes me feel so old.

This is the boy that made me a mother. This is the boy that made me labor for days before he would exit my body. The boy that made this mama have contractions every five minutes for over 40 1/2 hours straight. The boy that was so large for this mama (a big 8 lbs. 13 oz.) that she pushed for an exhausting two hours and 42 minutes before he came into this world. The boy that was so very bloody that he looked like he had been dipped in red paint from his waist to the very top of his wee giant head. The boy that made his mama lose so much blood during delivery that she passed out and went into convulsions shortly after he was born. The boy who nurses nicknamed "the bloodiest baby we've ever seen," who made this mama nicknamed "the one who passes out."

Yes. It's that boy. The birthday boy.

What a fine young man he is turning into. The boy who finished his last merit badge (this past week) to earn his Eagle Scout award. The boy who will be an Eagle Scout after his project, which will be in the spring. The boy who is taking all accelerated classes in school. And taking Algebra (for high school credit!) while only in the seventh grade.

Happy birthday, my teenage boy. I hope you have a wonderful 13th year. I hope it's magical and fun and groovy and in all ways happy and merry. Happy birthday, Taylor. I will love you forever and ever.


nikko said...

A teenager? I can't imagine. It's bad enough that my oldest is 9!

Pushing for 2+ hours? You should get a medal for that one. :o)

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness Lera! and you went on to have 5 more!!

laeroport said...

happy birthday taylor! go easy on your mama!
and lera, happy mother's day.

Charlie said...

Happy Birthday Taylor. Be SURE to put Eagle Scout on EVERY SINGLE important form/resume. Trust me, it looks great.

amandajean said...

happy birthday to your teenager. :)

Annie said...

Ah, what a lovely tribute to your new teenager, all the best for the many teen years ahead before you are done with all the children.

: )