Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Town Council Funeral Skirt

So, the day before the funeral my mother asks what I'm wearing. And then she reminds me that, now that I'm on town council, I need to dress "professionally" for some events. Uh ... I don't know. Joe is wearing his "dress blues," which is the equivalent of the military's tuxedo and I'm wearing .... Ohmygoodness! What am I going to wear?!? You would think after a decade or so of only wearing black, that I'd have a bunch of black in my wardrobe. But I don't. I still have the skirts I wore to Kristen's funeral, but they are seven years old and I was two-weeks postpartum then. And I have a black pencil skirt, but that just didn't seem right to me.

So what's a girl to do? Well, whip up a black skirt as quickly as possible.

I gave the fitted A-line skirt another go. And, again, it was too large. But it just had to do. I used some velvety soft black, no-wale corduroy that I had bought to make a Halloween dress for Spenser. I had exactly enough for the skirt.

I've been finding creative enjoyment out of fun facings. It's a little bit of my personality coming out and only I know about it. And, well, now all of you, too.

(I also wore a gray ruffle shirt that I made a few weeks back. I can't remember if I blogged it then. I don't think I did, but it's similar to the mod green shirt. And I wear it all the time.)

Edited to add: labels are from here.


RisaJ said...

Too cute!

Bridget said...

I love it. Town council in the front, awesome crafty mom on the inside. I still need to make a shirt like that!

nikko said...

It looks so nice and professional!

And I have to add that I love the bunting on your house. So patriotic and fun!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Excellent problem solving! Nice work!

Where do you get your name labels? And how are they attached?

Amy said...

I wish I could sew. I've been trying, but I just can't get the hang of anything rounded. I can do straigh stitches and that's about it. SIGH. I want to make that ruffle shirt...but ruffles are very hard to me!! Sewing impaired.
Everything you make is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!