Friday, November 12, 2010

Crocheted Rosette

My mother asked me to keep my eyes open for a vintage knit children's earflap hat that she wants to hang with her Christmas decorations. The crafter in me came home and started Googling knit patterns.

It was while searching for said hat that I came across this adorable bonnet with flower. I really think Spenser needs a little knit bonnet like that. And maybe her mama, too.

Anyway, when I saw the crocheted rosette, I was intrigued. It has been a few months since I crocheted and, every once in awhile, it's a nice break from my usual crafting routine.

I made it from scraps of organic cotton and glued a pinback to it. I have been loving E-6000 glue as of late. (I actually used it a few weeks ago to glue my Dyson back together and, so far so good.) I always add a circle of felt with two slits for the pin to poke through. It hides all the edges and gives things a more finished look.

As I worked on it, Spenser loved it, so I placed the pin on her jacket. After she left for school I noticed the pin on the dining room table ... Hmmmm.

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Brenda said...

I love it. It's the cutest thing.