Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Which Came First ...

the skirt or the bag? Actually, it was the bag.

My sister-in-law decided she wanted to learn to sew and she bought a sewing machine. I told her I'd help anytime she needed it. She emailed me a link to a bag she wanted to make. It made me laugh because I had printed it a year and a half ago and never made one. She came over and I helped her make one. As she was sewing, I whipped one up, too.

The closest fabric I had nearby was the vintage sheet. Thinking that I would not have time to make a Thanksgiving skirt, I thought I'd "settle" on a new bag. Lucky me, I got both.

The bag is extra tiny. Well, tiny for me. I took it to a choral concert (the same benefit concert as last year),* and it was the perfect size for a very rare, once-a-year date night.

And you can see the little ruffly flower I attached to the front. I hand-stitched it in place so I won't lose it. Because you know I would.

*Oh, and yes they announced my name again at the concert. At least this year I was prepared.


Lisa said...

Were you an "honorable" guest this year too??

Mary Sarah said...

I only know that teenage boys eat a lot! LOL