Monday, November 15, 2010

The End of Soccer Season

I am so happy that soccer is over for the season. No more practices during the week. No more Saturday games. No more dirty cleats and smelly shin guards. No more matching socks and uniforms. Our evenings and Saturdays have just opened up. And it is so freeing.

Last week Jackson and Mason had their soccer tournament. They placed third in their age division. I think they played five or so games that day from 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. And it was a cold and windy day.

Taylor and Carter's soccer tournament started the same Saturday and finished this past Saturday. Their first game of the day was quite exciting. In a mom's nervous kind of way.

The absolute best part of the first game was a save made by my very own Taylor. He is a defender and the other team was trying to score. Somehow the ball was bouncing from head to head, inching closer and closer to our goal. Taylor set up for a head bunt ...

hit the ball ...

and sent it sailing. (That's the poor goalie on the ground up there with his feet in the air.)

And, yes, I started to cry. You know me by now.

Taylor and Carter's team ended up losing the last game, but they took 2nd place in the championship. It was another tough game, as Taylor played against two of his best friends.

The season ended with only Jackson scoring. He scored two this year. Jack plays well at offense, but the coach played him in defense this year. Mason and Carter barely played ... Let's not get me started on this one. And Taylor, as always, is a defender. I still think of him as "The Wall."

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Marty said...

We had one grandson in high school football, one in flag football, and a granddaughter in soccer. Now we have a break until the 5 year old starts wrestling. Oh, and I told my niece, a sophomore, to get me a schedule of her basketball games. Then we're home free until tee ball-we'll have three-no chance they'll all be on the same team, I suppose?