Monday, November 01, 2010

Spooky Ooky Halloween

This is our house. Joe decorated it. (Finny would be appalled. I just know it.) It was complete with Halloween music, a black light, fog machine, a small cemetery (with a strobe light), and a skeleton creature hanging above the rocking chair. Oh, and giant furry spider hanging from the ceiling. Most of the visiting trick or treaters loved it. One little boy refused to walk in front of my house. Really, I don't blame him. It was spooky and ooky. Even for me.

Joe took this brood trick or treating last night while I handed out candy. (The boy on the top left is a friend.) We had 109 trick or treaters in 1 1/2 hours. It was hairy for awhile.

Sawyer was Curious George. I sewed this for Taylor 11 years ago. I nearly had forgotten about it. I found it in a Halloween costume bin in our basement while looking for something for Carter to wear. Despite the above picture, Sawyer loved his costume. He has worn it four times in the past few days.

Spenser was a pilgrim. I used Simplicity 3725. Seriously, have you seen a cuter pilgrim in your days?

At first she was unsure about the costume. I tried to persuade her for a year. Just a few weeks ago we discussed Halloween costumes and she wanted to be a princess, an angel, a witch ... All the things she has already been. I asked her about being a pilgrim and showed her the pattern. Of course her eyes were quickly diverted to the pink dress on the pattern cover. Finally she consented to be a pilgrim and that it could be black, instead of pink. And then told everyone she was going to be a gremlin.

She's so wearing this for Thanksgiving. She wore it three times this weekend.

Mason was a robot. Joe made this from things we had around the house: old boxes, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, foil, tape and hot glue. I was surprised it has held up for the four times he's worn it.

Jackson was an Army man. This costume has been worn by both of the older boys so far. (Jack wore this three times this weekend, too.)

Carter is wearing Joe's old scrubs from when he worked at an Army hospital as a medic many years ago. I had sewed Carter a little face mask, but it couldn't be located last night. (He wore his costume twice. He was out of town this weekend.)

And last, but not least, Taylor. He wasn't planning to participate in any of the activities we were invited to or for Halloween, but yesterday he was invited to go out with friends from church and had a change of heart. He whipped this costume together on his own. That kid cracks me up. The sign on his shirt says, "I AM A ZOMBIE! And this is my t-shirt."

  • Tomorrow a very special little girl in the is having a birthday. And a birthday tea party. I have to finish getting ready.

  • I ran to the store this morning and dropped a gallon of milk. It exploded everywhere. I was embarrassed at first, but no one actually witnessed it. The worst part was trying to find someone to tell. I offered to clean it up. I think the guy thought I was nuts. I apologized profusely. Repeatedly.

  • Yesterday for church Spenser and I dressed a little witchy. She wore her candy corn skirt, long-sleeved black shirt with her orange and black striped tights. I wore a white shirt, with a black cardigan over it, this ribbon belt, a black pencil skirt, and some black and white striped tights.


Sarah and Jack said...

I LOVE that she was a pilgrim, something you never see on Halloween. (I have considered sending Jack as Santa, LOL.)

julie said...

I LOVE the pilgrim! We actually went to Plymouth this summer and I would have been thrilled if my girlies had consented to being anything other than a witch, ballerina, or fairy princess. Well, Willow did go as a ninja to one party this weekend, and that was pretty awesome...

MJ said...

They all look so good!!! Looks like you had a great Halloween!

FinnyKnits said...

Only horrified if it's MY house. Or, you know, my neighbors'. But way out there in Maryland? You go for it! Meanwhile, I *do* like the big spider. Very ooky spooky.

And I LOVE the pilgrim costume. That is super cute. Kinda wish I had one to wear while I run our Turkey Trot.

amandajean said...

Spenser is the cutest pilgrim EVER!!! i love it!