Monday, November 08, 2010

Infinity Cowl

I've been Googling and browsing Ravelry, which is always a dangerous thing. With cooler weather (and no humidity! wahoo!), I decided I needed a knit infinity cowl. (I've been digging my black and white striped jersey one that I bought on clearance over the summer.)

I found a very cute pattern online, but I didn't have the right yarn, and thus the dimensions were grossly off, so I improvised.

I grabbed the last of my gray chunky yarn (I thought I had more because I so forgot that I made this cowl with it. So, yeah, I now have two gray cowls. Whatev.) and got to work. As I knit, I could tell I wouldn't have enough to make it wide enough, so I added a bit of orange for detail.

It's warm and great to wear while waiting for the school bus.

I thought I liked putting it around my head, but after seeing this photo, I don't. It should probably be wider, but I didn't want the orange to take over.

It is almost 6" wide ...

And about 23" long.

US15 circular needles 29"
1 skein of yarn (I think I used this in gray, but I don't know.)
Cast on 100 stitches, knit in stockinette until desired width, cast off.


Katie said...

Beautiful model. Beautiful cowl.

FinnyKnits said...

Groovy! I posted my own pattern for an infinity scarf (I called it a Hoop Scarf because infinity scarves weren't all the rage yet) on Ravelry and I love that thing.

A cowl would be an even better idea!