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Vintage Sheets

I feel like I hit the vintage-sheet jackpot. I love these. I can see the pink sheet as a dress ... And maybe the gold-striped one as a skirt ... The blue one in the middle?? Love that one. The colors are so vibrant. I don't know what that one will become. It might be a coveted, untouchable sheet for now. And these ... well ... at least my taste is consistent. This was not the first time I bought sheets identical to these. One became a shirt and a dress. The other pajama/lounge bottoms . And the last one I used for Spenser's first birthday tea party . Sadly, I had forgotten about the dress and thought the yellow sheet would make a cute dress. Then I remembered I had made that sheet into a cute dress. And I had my heart set upon wearing said cute dress to church on Sunday. But I couldn't find it. I wondered if I had convinced myself I had made the dress, and really hadn't. (Oh, old age is sneaking up on me quickly.) Well ... I found the dress. On Monday. In

Spenser's New Bed

We finally did it. We bought Spenser her first big girl bed. I had been looking for a pretty, girlie bed that would be sturdy enough to last her for many years and have an old-fashioned look that would be both classic and timeless. I checked antique malls and thrift stores and nothing was right. I had actually found this bed a year ago and just couldn't justify the cost at the time. (And she was fine sleeping in her toddler bed ... even if she was as long as the bed.) I still looked around to find a less expensive alternative and there was none. And so we did it. We ordered the bed. And then had to buy a mattress and box spring set. And new sheets and quilt. And dust ruffle. She's an expensive little girl. But she's the only little girl. And she's worth it. And the smile on her face reminds us that it's only money. (Thank goodness for tax refunds. Or she'd still be sleeping in her toddler bed ...) Which now belongs to Sawyer. Notes: We took the crib down on S


After making Toast , I thought I might be ready to try the ones with thumb holes: Toasty . I am soooo happy that I made them. I think I love them more than Toast. I wonder how many pairs are too many ... *I noticed yesterday morning that one thumb is unraveling. I guess I need to troubleshoot now. You can see it in the photo that Carter took on Sunday.