Friday, July 28, 2006

Muffins and a Visit

I had invited some girls from church to my house this morning for muffins and juice. Spenser helped herself to three mini-muffins before anyone arrived. She's looking awfully guilty, huh?
Despite my repeated, "this is your last one," she kept going.

And this is my view down our dining room table. I usually sit at the end where the camera is because it is closest to our kitchen. Joe sits at the end where Spenser is chewing on the tablecloth. The boys sit in the side seats. There are six side chairs, which will be great for our six children. (We have more chairs to add for company.) I just love the big, long table.
It is not always this empty. Usually my sewing machine and stuff sits here (at my end). I had to clean it off last night before company arrived this morning. I think I like this minimalist look. (You should see my formal living room now. That's where I stuck all my sewing stuff ... yikes!)

And did you see this from last night's post? After that little incident, I went into the kitchen and realized we had a major leak under our kitchen sink. I turned off the hot water supply and it seems to have stopped. Joe will be home later tonight, so he will have to deal with it. Probably tomorrow.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Freaking Out a Bit

So I'm freaking out a bit.

No. No scary noises. (Joe is out of town until tomorrow.)

My security alarm is set (and has been since I decided no one else is going outside for the night).

I just checked my email and apparently Jack (5) or Mason (nearly 4) "won" two ebay auctions!!!!! Yes. I just got the invoice to pay via email. $55 worth of stuff. And not stuff they would want. Two little bracelets and a necklace for Spenser.

Apparently Joe bookmarked one to return to later and somehow the boys opened it up, placed a "buy-it-now" bid (even logging in to ebay) twice (from the same seller)! How is that possible?!?!? I'm even wondering if this is some kind of scam. Surely boys that age could not figure that out!!!

I even called Joe, who is in New York, to see if he was the actual bidder. He said he has been in meetings and wasn't on the internet (and doesn't remember our log-in information).

Nice. Really nice.

I guess I'm stuck paying for this jewelry. Spenser already has several pearl bracelets. Three to be exact. I guess she'll be sporting another one and a bracelet/necklace, personalized birthstone combination, too.


Wanna See Something Funny?

So I've posted a few times that I used to crochet (many moons ago ... pre-mom days). And I've been trying to "learn" again.

So, I stumbled upon a "wee mittens" pattern (for 0-3 months) that I tried before I got pregnant with Taylor (over 10 years ago) and decided to give them a try for my new little one.

As I crocheted along, it seemed like the mitten was getting wider and wider and I was somehow adding more stitches than necessary.

Finally, I had to stop myself from continuing. This is how big and wonky it was:

Go ahead. You can laugh. I was.

It could seriously fit on my hand (if it were longer). It was so funny, that I decided to put it on one of Spenser's dolls.

Last night I tried it again and one mitten turned out better than the other. I still have a little detail to do, and then, maybe, I'll post that picture. Of course, just to prove to you that not all projects turn out like the one above.

**And, if you missed Mailorder #2 from Angry Chicken / Kingpod, there is a reprint here. This is the one with the adorable bonnets! I just received mine in the mail today.**

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Blogger Blues

Blogger and I are not getting along today.

I haven't been able to post any pictures, so this post will be photo-less.

Yesterday was Joe's mother's birthday, so during Spenser's naptime yesterday, I sewed a little purse organizer, using the idea from this tutorial and a matching tissue pouch. I had been racking my brain trying to come up with some idea for her birthday and that was the best I could do. (She doesn't really wear aprons. She doesn't have a need for a tote bag or fabric bag. She doesn't craft. I wouldn't know her size for PJ bottoms or a skirt, which she wouldn't wear.) I was fresh out of ideas. I did manage to raid my "quick gifts" container and found a candle and a bar of cucumber melon soap from Bath & Body Works.

Last night, after dinner, I made some banana blueberry bread with some of my fresh blueberries. I think I neglected to mention that I bought another 20-pound box on Thursday, because I ate the other 20 pounds! Oh, yes! I managed to eat nearly 15 pounds (and I might be understating myself) of those blueberries! But think of all those antioxidants and other good things rushing through my body.

I spent a lot of yesterday and today (during Spenser's nap) in "partial nesting mode." I am 32-weeks pregnant today and have been feeling the first pangs of nesting. Man, it's going to be a long, long 8 weeks ... or probably 9 weeks. I still need to dig out the old boy baby clothes to see what is salvageable after sitting for nearly four years. I don't want to do that job.

So, if blogger decides to cooperate later today (or tomorrow) I shall post my pictures.

* * * * * * * * *

It's almost 10:00 p.m. and it's finally working ...

I couldn't resist the picture with Spenser's hand trying to snatch the tissue pouch. I love that girl!

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Little Weekend Fun

On Saturday morning the boys went to a Primary pioneer activity at church. They made homemade butter, played hopscotch, and played other old-fashioned games. I think there was even face painting there. Wait ... did the pioneers do that???
They were allowing the children to dress as pioneers for the picture, but it was so hot (and I was ready to leave), so we opted for a more contemporary, modern pioneer look.

Last night around 9:30 p.m., we heard a knock on our door. Some of our friends stopped by with a loaf of fresh zucchini bread. They stayed until 11:00 p.m. and we had a great time laughing and talking. It was a very nice, unexpected treat.

I'm getting my hair cut this morning. I'm so excited. I haven't had it cut since October! And have been in a slump lately. Kristina, the girl who cuts my hair, is coming to my house at 11:00 a.m. Talk about personal service!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

No Work in Progress This Week

Well, I guess that's not entirely true. Yesterday morning as I was drawing her bath water, Spenser (who had already taken off her diaper) kind of grabbed herself. I asked her if she had to go pee-pee and she said, "uh-huh." So, to the potty we went. I really did not expect anything (she's only 20 months old), but when I went through the motions of wiping her, I realized she had peed! (She did it again last night, but I heard it this time. No bath water running.)
This morning I popped her on as I was running the water and I heard her go. When I went to wipe her, she had pooped, too!
I'm certainly not forcing her, but I am encouraging her. I still thinks she's a little too young to understand. But, she likes the bubbles I blow for her after she goes potty (as she sits on the potty).
My sewing WIP are the same as last week. I never actually got around to those projects. Just some others.
Including, more skirts for after the baby:
Sewn from a thrifted sheet and fuschia bias tape. Yeah, I know. It matches the bag I made a while back. But, I'm not planning to wear them together. I just love the color combination of hot pink and green.
And a little nasty story about that sheet. When I cut out the pattern, I noticed a "stain" on the sheet. I promptly cut out another piece and sewed the skirt. After the skirt was finished, I was ironing it and noticed another stain. I know ... YUCK! These were smaller ones, but still disgusting. But, luckily I have a supply of those Clorox Bleach Pens and it took away all of the nasty stains. Even though the sheets had been previously dried. If you don't own a bleach pen, you need to get one ... or two.
And another skirt. Slightly (ahem) larger to hopefully wear home from the hospital. Also sewn from a thrifted sheet.

And I needed two quick, last-minute gifts for the two ladies who have been carpooling Taylor to cub scout day camp this week. What else would I give? Why, chocolate and tissue pouches, of course! (Did you really have to ask?)

And one thought to end this week's posts. I read this on the back of one of those Dove chocolates (pictured above). I don't normally eat chocolate or candy (I prefer salty, spicy things), but I had to make sure they tasted okay. This is the quote from the wrapper, "Wink at someone driving past today." Kind of funny, huh? Do you really think that if you winked at someone while they were driving past that they would notice? The thought of it made me laugh out loud. So I leave you with that.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Corners of My Home

My "new" chair. If you don't recognize this room, it's our first floor bathroom. The chair is sitting between our dresser and our clawfoot bathtub.
I needed a place to sit while I am giving the children baths (or drawing the bath water or waiting for them to finish playing so I can wash them). I've been sitting on a little wooden step stool, which is becoming increasingly harder to get off of.
Even though the chair is comfortable, I think I'm going to make a pillow for it ... just for looks. (I saw a very cute pillow made from an old quilt at a yard sale last week, but didn't buy it because it was before I found the chairs. Now I'm wishing I bought it because the colors would have been perfect!)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good News and Some Sewing

Today was my OB appointment. I received good news. No ... great news.
It seems that my placenta is "on the run" (as my doctor put it) and is moving away from my cervix. So. No cesarean. Regular vaginal delivery. He is going to order another sonogram in about 4 weeks to make sure (because it is still low lying and posterior) it is still moving. He just kept saying, "This is great! This is great!" I could tell that he was very pleased. He even got within a few inches of my face and said "as bad as it was, I didn't think it was going to go anywhere."
And, more good news: I didn't gain any weight! (And I'm off "pelvic rest.")

Some fab fabric I bought at Jo-Ann yesterday with my 40% coupon. I have lots of ideas for this fabric. Pillows. Bag. Skirt (?). I just want a really great bag pattern first. I want to love the bag as much as I love the fabric!

And yesterday afternoon (after the movie), I was so exhausted that I really, really wanted to take a nap. Because I can't really do that with all these little ones around (Spenser was napping), I headed to my sewing machine.

I sewed this skirt (I think it was Simplicity 5505). It was supposed to be a "2-hour skirt," but it was more like a 40-minute skirt. This is for after the baby. After the vaginally-delivered baby!

If the fabric looks familiar, it's because it is a thrifted sheet that I made tote bags from.

And a little apron. Actually, it was pretty large (see, it's fitting me at 7 1/2 months pregnant) until I ripped it apart while the children ate breakfast and gathered it more across the top. The pockets open from the sides ("like a muff" is what Christy said) so I can put things in the pocket (i.e., clothespins, miscellaneous toys from off the floor, etc.).

Note: the pocket sides are stitched up about 2 inches form the bottom so things can't slip out the sides.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More PJ's

I found a new love: PJ bottoms. Made from the same pattern as last time, but I used a ribbon as the drawstring so I wouldn't have to turn that narrow little thing. (Although Lindiepindie from Craft Apple made an excellent suggestion on my sewing blog about sewing the drawstring. Instead of turning it, cut fabric wider, press in half, fold in raw edges, press, and topstitch all around. I feel so dumb because that is how I make my bag handles!!!)
This fabric, again, was on clearance at Jo-Ann for $1.20 a yard. It is pink with black, pink, and white stripes. The stripes are actually sewn on, not printed, so there is a bit of texture. Even at capri length, it took a little more than 2 yards. (I know because I bought 2 yards on Friday night, laid out the pattern on Saturday morning and didn't have enough, so I headed back on Saturday to buy more.)
And the little basket in the picture is one I found yard saling this weekend. I forgot to take it's picture before. I just love baskets (and I'm sure Joe would say I have enough).
I am taking the boys to see Zathura this morning for the free movie. Nikki (and Anna) and Christy (and her four kids) are supposed to meet us there. And maybe a few more people.

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Little Weekend Yard Saling

I haven't been to a yard sale in probably years. Since Joe works most weekends, and I'm not dragging 5 kids around with me, I just haven't gone. Until this weekend. Joe (who just changed jobs within the Army from the batallion to the brigade) had off this weekend. Again! Three weekends in a row. This has never, ever happened the entire 11 years we have been married! (And I don't think he has to work this Saturday either!!!) Okay. Breathe.
My mother had the four boys spend the night (they keep bugging her and everyone else) with one of their boy cousins. So, with a morning to "ourselves" (to include Spenser, of course), we headed to town to check out some yard sales.
These are the things we found.
Some blue glass jars. (I love little glass bottles and jars.) A little dolly for Spenser, two brooches, and four miniature dice.

We found this little pink box at the antique mall. It was $10 with 20% off.

A little vintage knitting pamphlet (even though I can't knit) for 25 cents. And a jar of white buttons (some vintage, some new) for $2.

And this is why I began my yard saling on Saturday. In search of a chair that I could paint white for a certain spot in my house (to be revealed on the next "Corners of My Home"). I did not want to spend a fortune on the chair, and I wanted a round-back chair. I found a set for $10. And the cool thing is that I knew the little old lady who was selling them. She said she "set up housekeeping" with them and she was married for more than 60 years (her husband died about 4 years ago). It's not usual to get a story with an old find. Not to mention that I've known the lady since I was a child. (I'm thinking that I don't have to paint them white, since they are off-white. And are so "shabby chic" with the chipped paint.)

And, finally, a little sewing. I sewed four tissue holders for gifts. The brown and blue floral went to Christy for her birthday (with a giftcard to Jo-Ann). The other three went to three ladies in church who cleaned the church for me a few weeks ago. Our church rotates through the members to clean the church (empty trash, vacuum, wash windows, etc.) each week. We only have to do it about once every 10-12 months and there are 3 familes assigned each week. When it was our turn a few weeks ago, the other ladies decided that I should not do it (because of being pregnant and with my complications), so they refused to let me help. Isn't that so sweet? And one lady (who wasn't assigned to clean) came in and helped. As a "thank you" I made tissue pouches for each of them.

We also stopped at the "Swap Shop" at the recycling center and found a floral hatbox and a small bicycle with training wheels ... for free!

Taylor is at Cub Scout Day Camp this week (from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). I will miss him around the house this week. I like my children close by. Am I goofy??

Friday, July 14, 2006

WIP and a Bag

So I decided to post another WIP (Work in Progress) picture today because nothing else is happening.
From the left: a floral sheet and new "vintage" fabric for more pj bottoms;
strawberry flannel for a needle roll (actually a crochet hook roll); and
floral duckcloth for a new bag (which was cut and interfaced prior to photo).

Okay. I've had the bag cut out for over a week and I couldn't stand looking at it anymore. When Spenser was in the highchair (and I was chatting with Christy on the phone), I ironed on the interfacing. As soon as Spenser took her nap, I got straight to work. It's from the Amy Butler pattern "In Town Bags." (And let me just say that I've purchased all three of my Amy Butler patterns and a Favorite Things "Cute Skirts" pattern from ebay because they were cheaper. I'm still waiting to receive my skirt pattern.)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pajama Bottoms

So I thought "I need some pajama bottoms for after the baby is born. Something not too hot, but something comfortable." (When I was on bedrest, Joe took over laundry duty and "shrunk" all of my pajama pants. I have loooong legs and have a hard time finding anything to fit. When I found 2 pairs of pj bottoms that were long enough, I decided to only hang-dry them. Joe dried them in the dryer and they are too short now.)
So, I sewed a pair of capri-length pj bottoms yesterday before our trip to Ft. McHenry. I used McCalls pattern 4979. It was easy, except for the darn drawstring. It was narrow and hard to turn. I wound up sewing a new one that was wider. I am planning to make more, however I will use ribbon or something else for the drawstring next time.
I sewed it from some new "vintage" fabric. There is a collection of "vintage" prints at Jo-Ann. This one was on clearance for $1.20 a yard.

Here's a funny picture. When I showed them to Joe yesterday he said, "they're cute, try them on." I said, "they aren't maternity ... okay." So, I put them on and I can fit into them!!! I wouldn't say they would be comfortable to wear at 7-1/2-months pregnant, but I can fit into them!!!!!! (And they are size small 8-10.) My bathroom scale was very friendly to me this morning. We're not quarreling anymore and I stopped calling her bad names.

I took the boys bowling this morning. It was a little hectic, as they were expecting a large group in and we had to rush to get out of their way. When the group showed up 1/2 hour early, it became wild. I made reservations to take them next week, so hopefully it won't be so rushed then. (Hardly any pictures turned out today because of the lighting and the kids were so active that any setting I chose on the camera made them all blurry when they jumped and clapped and danced.)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Violet! You're Turning Violet, Violet!

I think you can say the same thing about me. We just bought a 20-pound box of blueberries and I've eaten so many, I'm sure I'm going to turn into a giant blueberry.
20 pounds, you say? That's just for starters. It's really not as many as you'd think:

Last summer I bought three boxes! I still have some frozen in my freezer. I'm trying to be conservative this year, but I'm sure I'll be picking up another box next week.
Today Taylor's cub scout pack to a fieldtrip to Ft. McHenry in Baltimore. Joe took off from work so he could chaperone. I hadn't planned on going (because of all the children), but I decided if he was going to be there, we could do it together. And, boy, did it take the two of us to keep up with them. We just had all of our children.
All of the boys (the cub scouts and all the younger siblings) were running WILD! Most of the parents didn't even try to keep up, but I did. Joe had Spenser in the stroller and I walked as quickly as a pregnant woman can in 94-degree heat with sickening humidity. I was surprised how unsupervised most of the children were. I mean, it was difficult to keep up with them, but I tried the best I could and there were only 2 other adults with me.

Here is a view of the flag flying at Ft. McHenry:

This is a view of the harbor. See how hazy it was?!

And somewhere in this pack of boys are my boys (or some of them) walking on the wall overlooking the harbor. It was so bright and sunny, I couldn't see the LCD display, so I was just shooting pictures, hoping a few would turn out.

I tried to take some pictures of just my boys, but everytime I tried, all the boys of the pack jumped in the picture, so I gave up.

Tomorrow morning Brinda and I are taking the children bowling.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Can't Sleep!

I have pregnancy insomnia.

What is a girl supposed to do when she can't sleep? Why sew, take pictures, and blog, of course!

I woke up 4:00 a.m. on Saturday. 6:00 a.m. on Monday. And 5:00 a.m. this morning. Usually I just realize that I'm awake. Nothing disturbs my sleep. I just wake up. This morning I actually had a cramp in my foot. Not the "normal" kind. The kind that has gotten worse with each pregnancy. It tightens and cramps on the top of my foot ... under the bones. There is no way to "flex" out of those cramps. You just have to be in misery. I did get up and walk to the bathroom, and it seemed to go away, but it took awhile.

Anyway, I sewed a little something for a gift (can't post pictures yet). Then I decided to take pictures of my ribbon purchases from Saturday's Ribbon Outlet trip. So here are my purchases. I think my total bill was $14.39.

First up: Ribbon by the yard

Next: Woven ribbon (10 cents a spool, except the green floral, out-of-focus spool).

How could I resist?

I thought the houndstooth could make some cool bag handles.

Next: Packaged Ribbon.

And finally: Gift tags and a grab bag of ribbon (including grosgrain and satin).

This morning I am taking the children to the free family movie at the local movie theater. They are playing Shrek 2 and Babe: Pig in the City. I think we are going to see Shrek.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Few Pictures from the Weekend

Spenser sitting on her cobbler's bench. She's looking a little chubby there, but I assure you that she is a mere 22 lbs. (and I'm being generous) 20-month old.

The boys always have to pose! Carter, the soldier; Mason, the Red Power Ranger; and Jack, the Blue Power Ranger.

Joe, Carter, Jack & Mason piling up on each other on Friday night before we had our weekly family movie night.


A tote and tissue pouch (sewn today) for Nikki's birthday.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, Christy and I went to the coveted Offray Ribbon Outlet! It was about an hour's drive, but well worth it. We also visited the Wonder Bread/Hostess Outlet; a mall of outlet stores; and Jo-Ann's. We made a quick trip to Costco's, too.

I forgot to take pictures of my lovely ribbon purchases. I may have to do that tomorrow! If I can remember.

Joe and the boys made homemade rootbeer on Saturday. After it fermented, it wasn't sweet enough, so Joe made another batch on Sunday.

Ooh! And Joe's mother offered to babysit the children on Saturday evening (out of the blue) so we could go out to dinner together! We went out for Mexican and then came right home. It was very nice, though.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Friday's Sonogram

On Friday we had our most recent sonogram. I think that makes #4.

We saw our little guy. No matter how many children you have, no matter how many sonograms you have, each one is special.

Here is a picture of his profile. (I still think he looks like Jack!)

Here is his little face. You can see his eyes, nose, and mouth!

Our little guy is approximately 3 lbs., 5 oz. right now. And that's with 10 weeks left until my due date (9/19/06). Because of his size, the sonogram was showing a due date of 9/13/06. Now I don't feel so bad if I have to evacuate him early. (He was also in breech position.)

While the placenta did not appear to be covering my cervix in this sonogram (she said she would have to do an internal sonogram to be sure), it was still low-lying and posteriorally placed (up the back).

So, while I still have to wait for the radiologist to review the sonogram, and my doctor to receive the report, I will assume things are still pretty much the same.

He has been very active lately. It seems that I can feel his every move. All day. All night. And I don't even mind that I have my normal "pregnancy insomnia" right now, because I really am enjoying every moment. Even if I am complaining of pressure, cramping, pains, pains, etc., it's still a miracle and I have been very blessed.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Children Cuteness

As I was sitting on the couch with Spenser (watching Nick Jr.), Mason walks over, hugs and kisses us both, and says, "we love our family ... right?"

He can be so sweet!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

After my sonogram, I told Mason that the baby's head was at "the top" (in breech position). He was circling my stomach, trying to kiss it, when he asked, "where's his lips?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I took a shower on Friday morning, I asked Taylor to keep an eye on Spenser for me. When I was getting my makeup on, Taylor came upstairs to see how much longer I was going to be. Assuming he wanted to play on the computer, I told him that he could go play and that I would be down in just a minute.

When I went downstairs, Taylor was still in the family room (alone) and said, "I don't know where everyone is." At that moment, the children all jumped out from their hiding places and yelled, "Surprise!"

They were trying to do something sweet for their mama. I love them.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Corners of My Home

This is actually outside of our home. This is our barn (or horse stall, or carriage house, or whatever you want ot call it). Along the short side on the right (which faces our house) is usually where my herb garden grows … except this year.
Our barn has a 2nd-story loft on the inside. Some day we hope to add a greenhouse to the long side on the left. The little ledge at the top must have been for birds (homing pigeons, perhaps), as there are boarded-up openings above it.

The barn is probably about 130 years old and is one of our three out-buildings.


Get out of here! You have a barn? So cool. Do your kids play in there?
Comment by
Kelli — July 6, 2006 @ 5:16 pm

Oh, cool. I bet the boys love playing in there (if/when you let them).
Comment by
capello — July 6, 2006 @ 5:38 pm

Oh wow! Looks like you have a neat property! Is it in town or the country?
Comment by
Angela — July 6, 2006 @ 6:30 pm

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Long Weekend

The Army actually gave Joe a four-day weekend. But shhhh…. I’m sure it must be a mistake!

On Saturday we took a day trip to Harpers Ferry, WV. We had a nice time. A lot of walking (and it was hot), but it was fun.

We didn’t do much on Sunday.

On Monday we went to Gettysburg, PA, to the movies. Joe and the boys saw Superman and Spenser and I saw The Devil Wears Prada. Then we shopped a little at the outlets. And enjoyed dinner at Texas Roadhouse, where kids eat free on Monday nights!

On the 4th we went to my aunt’s house for a giant breakfast and the children swam. Then we had lunch/dinner at Joe’s parents house and at night we went to watch the fireworks.

Today I had my bi-weekly OB appointment. I am scheduled for my next sonogram on Friday 7/7. I’ve been having a lot of pelvic pressure with cramping. My doctor said it could be due to my condition (complete placenta previa) as the baby gets heavier, it is resting on my placenta. The sonogram will be able to determine the placenta’s placement, if my subchorionic hematoma is still present, if my cervix is closed or dilating (since I am unable to have internal exams, again due to my condition), plus all the regular things sonograms routinely check.

I finished nearly all of my sewing projects on Saturday morning before our day trip.

Here is Spenser with three of the four wee bunnies I’ve made, including Jack & Mason’s green ones (it was the only “non-specific gender” green fabric in the house, which incidentally matches my maternity skirt and Spenser’s dress).

A fabric ball for the baby. A tissue holder (my allergies are going wild!). A headband for Sandy.

And my first fabric ball, which Carter has begged for.

The bib pictures turned out blurry, but I finished the snap.

And, as far as the cover for the ironing board: I think Christy has talked me into buying one instead of making one. She has a degree in fashion design and, as we were discussing fabrics, batting, drawstrings, etc., she said it would probably cost at least $10 in materials, when I could buy one for less than $15 (especially if I use my 40% coupon at Jo-Ann’s). Sooo, I’m thinking about just buying one now. But I did find instructions for one, if you’re interested.

That sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend. ::sigh::
And we are sisters in doctor’s appointments — that’s when I get my next x-ray on my foot and hopefully get the okay to start walking in my walking boot!
Comment by
capello — July 5, 2006 @ 7:08 pm

How did Spenser do through the movie? Were you able to enjoy it? I loved it.I hope your appointments go well this week and you are feeling good!
Comment by
Kelli — July 5, 2006 @ 7:52 pm