Friday, March 30, 2007

Thrifting and a Giveaway

I went back. I couldn't help myself. I was worried what might become of some unknown treasures if no one gave them another chance. After all, it is their "last chance."

To my delight, there were new linens. New since Saturday, that is (and they told me they add more daily).

I found some pillowcases and sheets (95 cents for sheets, pillowcases 2 for $1.25 or 75 cents each). I've already cut a new pair of pants for Sawyer from the green striped sheet.

An apron for 95 cents -- look at that detail at the top, it's kind of smocked in a way. A pint-size granny-square blanket just perfect for our kiddie rocking chair for 95 cents.
And a crocheted throw, which the boys are fighting over because it's so soft (95 cents).
This sheet has alternating rectangles of flowers and lattice. I was cutting it up last night and decided to offer part of it as a giveaway. Each rectangle is approximately 15 1/2" x 16 1/2." The piece I am offering has 2 flower and 2 lattice rectangles in one long strip. It could be used to make a tote or some throw pillows or ? ? ? (I'd love to hear your ideas as well.)

If you are interested, please leave a comment on this post between now and Monday morning, when I (or a little helper of mine) will draw a name. Good luck.

Update: Geesh. Did my sheet scare everyone away? I haven't had many commenters today. I won't force my sheet on you, if you don't want it. I promise. ;-)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's Old is New

After finding my new-old chenille blankets at the thrift store on Saturday, it got me thinking. (I know, that can be extremely dangerous.) Joe's grandmother had given us an old chenille bedspread years ago. Hmm ... where is that thing?

It became an obsession. After searching through the cedar chest in our closet (and not finding it), I went into the attic (where I had to go anyway to reconnect the cable to our bedroom television that Joe's father accidentally disconnected on Tuesday). There I saw in my one labeled storage containers the bumpy chenille.

I wasn't sure if it would fit our queen-size bed, but it sure did. I love the pattern:

Inside the container with the blanket were 2 old family quilts from Joe's side. Here is one:
It's folded in half in this photo and I really don't remember it having the large stain on the front in real life, maybe it's the poor lighting. I forget who this belonged to and I don't know who quilted it, but it is old, frail, and of very fine workmanship. While we have small children, I couldn't bear to keep this quilt out, so I packed it up and stuck it back up in the attic.

I did a few other minor things around the room and hallway, so when Joe comes home Friday night, our room is going to look different from when he left on Monday morning. Surprise! (Maybe one time I'll paint the room while he's gone. Are you up for that, Kim? She's always offering to help me paint.)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last Chance Thrifting

I wanted to express my thanks to you for your kind comments yesterday. If I had your email address, I tried to email you directly. If not, "thank you." I truly appreciate your kindness and am grateful for your comments.

The first time I whispered "I'm so happy you're here. I'm so happy you're here," to Sawyer yesterday, I broke down in tears. I could barely repeat it. It became easier as the day went on.

* * *
Last Thursday I had some extra time in town while Mason was in preschool, so I decided to run into the thrift store. I didn't find a lot. A few books for the children, a teacup, a granny-square throw, and a Robin costume for the boys. I was disheartened when the linens section had been downsized to one small rack. When I questioned the cashier, she said they have a "last chance" section of the store and to check there. (Who knew???)

I didn't have time on Thursday, but after the Pinewood Derby on Saturday, I ran in while Joe sat in the car with the children. (Yay for thrifting without children!)

Here are a few of my treasures:

2 aprons: 95 cents each

2 curtain panels: 95 cents each (the yellow is a large, heavy cotton panel from Ikea, the white has a nice embroidered edge by Martha Stewart -- I'm thinking about a dress or skirt for Spenser.)
top left corner: 2 pillowcases (set), a Simply Shabby Chic cotton shower curtain
bottom left: 1 percale pillowcase, 1 vintage sheet
95 cents each
and my favorites:
chenille blanket: 95 cents

chenille blanket: 95 cents

I love the little boy chenille blanket. And I love the price. I never knew about the "last chance" section. I'm definitely going to stop there more often. Do you have a "last chance" section?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today I am full of gratitude.

One year ago today I embarked on a very scary journey. I was pregnant and bleeding and confined to bedrest. I was so terrified that I had lost, or would lose, my baby. Although I have had a miscarriage in the past, this seemed worse. The pain and sorrow I felt as we drove to my sonogram was deeper than I imagined. I tried to be strong for Joe. And he tried to stay strong for me. The truth is, neither one of us was very strong. It was a silent car ride, aside from our sobbing.

When we received the news that the baby had a heartbeat, I wept. I grabbed Joe's hand tightly and prayed. I was so very grateful. So. Very. Grateful. For the month of bedrest (and the subsequent months of pregnancy) I was worried that something would happen to our baby.

Today I have a beautiful, healthy six-month-old baby boy, whom I completely adore. Countless times I have whispered in his ear, repeatedly, "I'm so happy you're here. I'm so happy you're here."

I'm so happy he's here. He has completed our family. I am so grateful that he is a part of my family. A part of my life. He is a perfect fit. He is a sweet, sweet blessing.

So today, if I am silent, just know that I am holding Sawyer a little tighter, kissing him, and whispering "I'm so happy you're here. I'm so happy you're here" in his ears.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Humpty-Dumpty - An Update

Apparently glue works when kids break.

I wish I would have known that earlier. Say ten years ago ...

Jack did not have to get stitches this morning. The doctor put dermabond (glue) on his forehead instead of stitches. Jack was happy. I was happy.

The doctor "spiked" Jack's hair to keep it out of the way. Jack always wants his hair spiked.

And even though they said it would sting (the numbing agent and the dermabond), Jack was a trooper. The nurses were so impressed that they gave him a bunch of stickers and a Project Linus blanket.

After a quick trip to the pharmacy, and then to Walmart while waiting the hour for his antibiotics to be ready, where we bought a Lunchable, Jack declared it was the best day of his life. So when he asked if we could stop and buy a milkshake, I just had to oblige. I couldn't spoil the best day ever.

(This morning before we left for the hospital, Jack pleaded with me to go to school because he was supposed to be the Line Leader today and they were getting a new student that he has been wanting to meet. Even with blood running down his face, he wanted to go to school.)

Never Boring Here

This morning (before school) Jack ran into the corner ceramic tile of our kitchen island and cut his head:

I'm on the way to the ER to see if it needs stitches. (I called our doctors' office and they are short-staffed today and told me to take him to the hospital. I guess I'll be back several hours from now.) And if you're wondering why I'm blogging and not driving to the hospital it's because my mother-in-law said she'd stay with Spenser, Mason and Taylor (who is home sick from school today) while I run Jack (and Sawyer) in town. And now her phone is busy.

What a way to start a Monday morning!

Friday, March 23, 2007

My Week

Spenser's bed-head.
Sawyer on the go. He's just about to roll over. (See! I can't take a good photo of this baby. At least you can kinda see he's wearing the bib.)
Jack playing hopscotch on the deck.Taylor jumping on the trampoline.
A thrifted granny-square throw for $3.25.A chipped stove. I almost broke my blue pyrex dish.
Hopefully my WIP's will include skirt(s) for Sewing Seeds.
* * * *
To be more realistic of my week, I should show a picture of my vacuum cleaner and mop.
Snow last week + sun this week = mud, mud, mud

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Weekend Sewing

I was able to squeeze in a little sewing time over the weekend. First, another springy outfit for Sawyer.

I'm not really sure what that little guy is on the front of the shirt. An inchworm? A caterpillar? An alien? I really don't know. But I drew him freehand. And he makes me smile because I don't know what it is or what it was supposed to be.

I made the outfit late Saturday night. In fact, I was doing the eyes and antennae when SNL came on. I didn't want to stay up any later and stitch around it. I was too tired. Let that serve as a warning to you. Do not try this at home. By Sunday afternoon, Sawyer had drooled so much that the little inchworm/caterpillar/alien was coming loose from the shirt. On Monday I stuck a little stitch witchery behind one edge to adhere it again and sewed around it. It worked.
I had tried to take a picture of the baby in the outfit, but that's nearly impossible these days. He's so mobile. And obviously flexible, too.
And speaking of friends, I made this tote and tissue pouch for my dear friend, Jenneen, in Ohio. Her birthday was yesterday and it arrived just in time. (Happy birthday, again, my dear friend.) I used the highly-coveted Apples + Pears fabric by Alexander Henry. Autum tipped me off that she found it right at Jo-Ann of all places. Score!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have been so blessed. Good friends in real life and good friends in blogland. The world of blogging has opened the door to many friendships with people around the globe. Friends whom I would not have met otherwise.

Yesterday, I received more evidence of this when I went to the post office. Linda so graciously sent me one of her adorable pin cushions and a leather strap (so I can make her Lotus bag -- once I find the perfect fabric). The pin cushion is so very cute. It is small enough to fit right in my hand.

I've been thinking about putting it with my on-the-go embroidery supplies so I can show it off everywhere I go. But my problem is that, even though I take my supplies with me, I rarely get a chance to take them out of my tote.

This morning, I had to quickly vacuum the house, after a certain 6-year-old boy ran through the house (before school) with muddy shoes. Shortly after I finished vacuuming, I heard the door bell ring. I'm always so hesitant to answer the door so early in the morning. (Who is visiting at this hour?) To my great surprise, it was my friend, Kim and her daughter, Kallie. She came with donuts. We sat and talked and had a great time. It was so much fun. I wonder, why don't I do that?!? Why don't I just show up at a friend's house in the morning with donuts for a chat? I guess it may be because I have so many others to drag along with me. But I need to do that!

Friends. Whether in real life or in blogland. I can't live without you. Thank you, Linda. Thank you, Kim. Thank you, friends.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Crown and Some Goodies

Good news: I think the barfy germs are out of the house. Jack did not get sick at all on Monday. I kept him home, just in case. But, by midday, I was wishing I had sent him to school. :-)

On Friday afternoon I interfaced the pieces to Mason's crown. On Saturday late afternoon I sewed it for him. He has barely taken it off since. In fact, he wore it to church on Sunday.

And, look! I used my fat quarter (the green polka dot). One project down. Several more to go!
Yesterday I received this lovely package from Kirsten. I was her 1,000th commenter. She sent a yummy, handmade, gold and gray brooch; a rocket applique; a rocket appliqued bib; and some very cool vintage buttons (swoon!). Now I have to decide who will get the rocket applique. I know the boys will be fighting over it. (They don't know about it yet.) And here is a closeup of this cute rocket. The bib is absolutely adorable. I'm almost afraid to put it on my very spit-uppy baby. (At least I can feel confident because I am the stain master.) Thank you, Kirsten. I love it all!

Blogger is acting up for me and didn't want to post this morning.

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Winter Again

No more springy weather. It started snowing on Friday morning.

The boys got out of school early. They literally ran home from the bus stop.

Joe spent the day at the airport, only to have his flight cancelled, and eventually his whole trip. (He spent 3 hours on hold Friday night trying to contact the travel agent.)

On Saturday, Joe took the children out to help shovel the sidewalk. Then they played in the snow. It was hard for Spenser to walk, as it was too deep for her and I think her boots were too large for her feet. Poor girl.
Mason and I played "leprechaun." This is Mason's "pot of gold" i.e., gold buttons. He was the leprechaun and I had to chase him for his gold. I chased him right upstairs to his bedroom. When he jumped on his bed, he claimed he was safe. Can the leprechaun really do that?
And Spenser spent most of her weekend eating. And changing her clothes a million gazillion times. When did she become a teenager?

Last night was awful. Some friends from church stopped by, which is always nice. Shortly after they left, I was holding Sawyer on my lap in the family room. Jack came in crying, covering his mouth. It took a minute for me to realize he had thrown up in his hand. I jumped up to open the bathroom door, while getting some on my hand (yuck!). Then I noticed a trail on the carpet. I ran to the laundry room to get a towel. When I noticed a pile on the kitchen floor. Then I heard a thud. Then a loud cry. I ran back into the family room to realize that when I jumped up to open the bathroom door for Jack, I had put Sawyer on the couch ... and he had rolled off. Poor guy. A few minutes later, Joe walks in to announce that he just drilled through a piece of wood and into his finger. He thinks he is going into shock and needs to go to the E.R.

Joe's father took him to the E.R. for me. He came home around 12:30 a.m., with 10 stitches. Joe is going out of town this morning for the rest of the week. Saturday is the boys' pinewood derby. He was trying to finish the boys' cars last night (drilling a hole in the bottom to add lead for weight), so they would be ready for this weekend. That's what he was drilling (Taylor's car) when he decided to drill through his finger. When he came home from the hospital, I heard him drilling again ...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Field Trips and Sewing

Yesterday Mason's preschool had a field trip to the bowling alley. He had a lot of fun playing with his friends. He even rolled a spare.

Spenser was a teensy bit pouty. Cute, but very sassy.

I did a bit of sewing this week. First, a zebra wristlet for a youth auction at church. I found this fabric in my basement a few weeks ago. I had thought about making one for the nursing home's bingo prizes, but ran out of time. After seeing Kelli's wristlet, I decided to make one for the auction. The lining is hot pink, just like my zebra coat. I also donated some Easter candy and a few other things, including a big chocolate bunny.
Then, I made a little, white eyelet drawstring bag for a friend who requested one to carry her asthma inhalers. I spaced out and missed her birthday by 2 weeks, so I whipped this up and gave her some chocolate.
And Carter was invited to a birthday party this weekend. Joe is out of town, so Carter will not be attending (too far away to drag all 6 with me for 2 hours). I made her a birthday crown and he took it to school with him this morning.

And WIPs for me: another outfit for Sawyer and a crown for Mason, who has been pestering me for a long time. And, look, I'm using my fat quarter for the crown!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Springy Weather

Mason has been enjoying spraying everything with his water bottle.
Spenser has been busy driving her car;
studying bird seed stuck between the slats of the deck;
picking the bird seed out of the slats;
and planning her getaway.