Sunday, April 30, 2006

Saturday sewing

I started sewing a little on Friday. My first time in over a month. It was so nice. On Friday I started two pairs of capris for Spenser using the front two fabrics. They are too large for her. She was sleeping when I cut the pattern and fabric, so I couldn't measure her. I figured, since she wears 18-month clothing, I should make size 2, thinking size 1 would be too small. WRONG! When I actually sewed the pants on Saturday (while she was sleeping again) and saw the finished product, I realized that they are huge. She wore one pair, with legs rolled up, but noticed that she was 'taking' them off often -- or maybe they were falling off of her ...

So on Saturday, I started "the dress." I loved how it turned out ... Here she is in her dress. (I plan on making some matching "panties" or "bloomers" -- as Christy would call them.) Jack is peeking into the picture. Look at my very fingerprinty window. (I wish I had noticed that before I took the picture!)

The back. I used a vintage button here.

Spenser and her daddy. I love that girl!

The maternity skirt I made just 2 days before my bedrest began. It is fitting better and better as I fill it out.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Corners of My Home

I was so busy obsessing over my new fabric, that I forgot that it's "Corners of My Home" day. After five years, the cabinets are still missing the crown molding and handles. Where are they, Joe? A few more pictures here.

A Few Treasures

Yesterday I went shopping and, at the top of my list: fabric! I've been yearning to sew since my bedrest began. Now I am a free woman! This is what I bought. I think the bottom two fabrics ("pucker prints" like seersucker almost) will be shorts/capris for Spenser. I envision the top ones to be bags/totes, maybe a skirt. The green polka dot on the end may become a dress for Spenser. Isn't that such a cute dress? Not sure about green on Spenser. After 4 boys, I usually dress her in pink, and a little purple. Although I should broaden Spenser's wardrobe horizon.

Then, the new Amy Butler pattern "Betty Shopper" came in the mail (I bought it on ebay). The bag is so large. It didn't list the dimensions of the finished bag on the auction, but it will be gi-normous (as in the words of Buddy the Elf). The other pattern was like $2, so I thought I could try the "boxed out" tote.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sunny Days

Yesterday, during lunch, Spenser had a diaper explosion. Out the top. The sides. Everywhere imaginatively possible. So, she needed a quick bath. It was the first bath I have given her in a month. I have still been making Joe give her baths at night. But this one could not wait. It hurt my stomach to put her in and take her out of the deep, old clawfoot tub. After putting her in, I let her play to let my stomach recuperate. Anyway, I had to wash her outfit and decided to change her crib sheets, too. When I came downstairs, she was on the deck with the boys having a blast. Riding in her car. Playing soccer. Running free in her diaper.

Then she wanted her dishes.

I did not give her the idea for a tea party. This was all her. Girls must be born with something different than boys, other than the physical features.

During Spenser's nap. Jack and Mason started to fight. They wanted to play with play-doh (man, how I hate this stuff!). I suggested they play outside. They played very nicely for two hours.

Then I noticed the mess! See why I despise play-doh? It was smushed onto the deck! I told them (yesterday) that I would buy some more today. Didn't happen!

I am almost convinced that the person who invented play-doh was either a man or hated moms.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

10 Simple Pleasures

1. The smell of baby's breath (not the flower, the actual smell of my nursing baby's breath).
2. The sound of rain on our metal roof.
3. Long, hot showers -- uninterrupted, of course. I don't have time to soak in the bath.
4. Lilacs and Lavender.
5. A clean house. Especially clean floors (and bathroom).
6. Clean bed sheets -- only on the first night.
7. Homemade soap.
8. My children's smiles ... and accomplishments.
9. Wet kisses from my children.
10. Knowing my family will be together forever.

I Love Small Towns!

This morning, as I was enjoying my breakfast of garlicky green beans, I was reading the newspaper. I was reading an article about proposed hikes in water and sewer fees for our small town. As I was reading it, the name of our mayor "jumped" out at me. Could it be? After several sessions of karate, I'm just realizing that our mayor assists in teaching my boys karate! How funny is that? I never met our mayor in person (as our mayor), so I never made the connection. Carter loves him! I love small towns. Mayors teaching children karate!

Monday, April 24, 2006

A Scare for Joe

Last night I went into the bathroom. When I was washing my hands, there was a spider near the towels. I tried to kill it, but it kind of "jumped" towards me. I screamed. Joe ran in. I think he was thinking I started to bleed again or something. He was relieved it was only a spider. I'm happy to know he can move so quickly.

Today was my first day back to my "normal" routine. Joe dropped Jack off at preschool so I wouldn't have to be in town for almost 3 hours. It was the first time I have driven in over four weeks. My Expedition seemed so large and tall. I had forgotten how monstrous that thing is.

Jack had an appointment with a dermatologist after school. It was an appointment I had scheduled months ago, so I hated for him to miss it. I had taken him about six months ago for a white spot on his cheek. I was afraid he was developing vitiligo, a skin condition that all of my sisters have. The doctor does not think it is vitiligo, but pityriasis alba, a temporary lightening of the skin in children, which he should outgrow before adolescence. It's not visible now, mostly in the summer when he is tan. He gave him a prescription lotion to use for the summer, but only if sunblock doesn't help.

After his appointment, we ran to get gas and to BJ's. I must really be craving tomatoes because I bought a 2-pound container of grape tomatoes, 2 large jars of spaghetti sauce, 3 8-packs of canned tomatoes (stewed, diced, and flavored diced). I remember craving tomatoes when I was pregnant with Carter. I swore he would look Italian after all that marinara sauce I made and consumed that year!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Family




Spenser before church:

I have a quiet morning. Joe took all the children to church. I pleaded with him to stay the entire time this week.

Last night some yummy goodies came my way. Missy brought over homemade cinnamon rolls (yum!), some wonderful-smelling Summer Apricot soap by Asquith and Somerset, and a nice card.

I think while the house is quiet, I should start my next round of thank-you notes. It seems I have a lot to be thankful for! I have such wonderful friends!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Rainy Saturday

Joe had to be at work by 7:00 a.m. this morning. Wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have to drive 60+ miles (1 hr. 15 mins.) one way! He left before the rest of us even opened our eyes.

The boys played quietly this morning, allowing me to stay in bed until about 8:00 a.m. Very nice.

After breakfast, I got a little too brave. I did something dumb. Really dumb. I vacuumed my dining room and formal living room. I could stand it no longer. It was like an obsession. The hardwood floors in both rooms literally had stuff all over them. It wasn't fair to such pretty floors. The oriental rug in the "red room" had lots of shedding. Anytime anyone walks into that room, that happens. It drives me buggy!

Plus, I think my dyson vacuum cleaner was missing our very close relationship. We were both going through withdrawal.

After my vacuuming, I wanted to dump the canister, but the trashcan was full. I had Carter help me lift out the bag (it was super heavy). So, with that all done, I realized the dishwasher was full, so I ran that.

Now, I'm crampy. My abdomen also aches a little. I know. I'm dumb. Really dumb. My first full day of "being normal," and I vacuum, do trash, and dishes (and breakfast for six) within one hour of waking.

So, I sit with my laptop watching the Food Network. Sigh...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Is it Friday Already?

It doesn't seem possible!

This morning I went to my OB. I saw Dr. C. today and she seems to think I can resume most normal activities, except running and jumping ... wasn't planning on doing that anytime soon. She said I can drive, go places, etc. She said (very casually), "If you start spotting, start doing less." Kind of makes me nervous that I would push myself to that point, to then back off ... I would think it would be smarter to not push myself so much.

Joe is still concerned. He is afraid that I'm going to go wild and do lots of crazy stuff. He doesn't want me doing too much. I told him that at least I can drive to get milk and bread. I can drive the boys to school if they miss their bus, which they almost did on Tuesday! I may not be doing the marathon shopping I usually do (while Jack is in preschool) buying cases of juice boxes, and cases of everything thing else from the wholesale club that is part of my life as the mother of five (plus one). I still don't want to lift anything too heavy, but at least I can pick up Spenser now ... at least once in a while.

Joe's opinion sides more with Hopkins' opinion from yesterday. I was told to "let the housework slide." I kept thinking, "Lady, if you knew how much it has been sliding these past four weeks, you wouldn't say that!" I really just want to vacuum. The floors are driving me crazy. Really. Carter vacuumed on Monday, but it needs it again. I can try to live with the dust. I'm not willing to negotiate on the floors. The bathrooms are another story ... oh my. (I have used disposable cleaning cloths on them, I just think they are needing a "real" cleaning ... one that includes bleach!)

So, I never even posted about all the goodness that has come my way since Tuesday.

Dolle brought KFC to us Tuesday night. Jessica picked up Jack from preschool on Wednesday and brought dinner (a pizza casserole that the children loved). She stayed to fix lunch and put Spenser down for a nap. Thursday Joe's mother stayed with the kids (Jack, Mason & Spenser) while we went to Hopkins. We were supposed to have dinner brought to us that night (from Lauren), but I told her that we really don't need it. We have tons of leftovers and, even if we didn't, my kids could eat cereal or pancakes ... plus Joe was home. Today, Gini picked up Jack from preschool, fixed lunch for the three, and put Spenser down for her nap. Everyone has been so kind. I really feel blessed for having so many kind friends.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Today's Sonogram

So today was my Hopkins appointment. It was exhausting.

The sonogram lasted about 1 1/2 hours. This was a followup to my complete placenta previa and subchorionic hematoma from three weeks ago, plus they did a level 2/level 3 sonogram to check for obvious birth defects (because I am "old").

The hematoma is still there, but there is no active bleeding. According to my last sonogram (3/27/06) the hematoma was 5 cm long (width unknown). Today it was 7 cm long, but very thin. Because they didn't do the original sonogram, they really couldn't compare it. They told me to expect to continue to spot.

The placenta is still completely covering my cervix and hasn't budged. I am still in danger of hemorhaging because of it. I am to go to the emergency room if I have any bright red bleeding or watery discharge (not sure what that is, but I'm thinking like amniotic fluid ?).

The baby is looking great. All measurements are showing that the baby is 18 weeks. So, lucky for me, they are not pushing back my due date to the original one. There are no visible indications that there are any birth defects. The nuchal fold is within normal range and all of the baby's organs look good.

If you are wondering about the "nuchal fold," it is something that I have never heard of before. There is a new prenatal test (NT Testing) where they measure fluid on the back of the baby's neck to determine if there is a larger risk of Down's Syndrome. This test is only performed between 11 and 13 weeks. I was supposed go to Hopkins for this test the week I was put on bedrest, so I cancelled. (Well, I also had to cancel because I wasn't the 11 weeks we thought I was, I was 15 weeks and had missed the timeframe.) This nuchal fold is the same area on the back of the neck, but apparently it's no longer fluid ... I think. Well, the nuchal fold is within normal range.

Anyway, here is a picture of our baby's face:

And a picture of the baby's profile (I think it looks like Jack and Spenser almost):

Oh, and did I mention?

It's a boy! This is a picture from the baby's bottom. The little straight line in the middle is right next to his, uh, penis. The legs are the longer things to each side. He was very proud of himself and kept his legs wide open for nearly the entire time. He had his legs above his head for quite a bit, giving us a good look.

So now, I have to find 2 more boys' names. A first name and a middle name. This is going to be sooooo hard!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spenser's Existence

is about to come to an end.

That girl! I tell ya!

A little bit ago she was upstairs with the boys. I realized Taylor, Jack, and Mason were downstairs, which only left Carter upstairs to keep an eye on her. (Of course she snuck up the back set of stairs while the baby gate was down temporarily. She's so freaking sneaky.) Anyway, as usual, she was a little too quiet, so I sent Jack up to check on her. Thank goodness I did. Seems she went into the upstairs bathroom (the door was open) and got into my makeup and put at least three of my makeup brushes in the toilet. The boys' toothpaste was closeby, which made me nervous, although it didn't appear wet. AND, yuck ... she had gotten into the trash to play with used sanitary things! When I walked into the bathroom, she was about to stick her hand in the toilet to retrieve some of the brushes. Something told me it wasn't her first attempt!

I love that girl more than life, but, man, you gotta stay on her. I think she's sneakier than the boys were! Maybe she's been learning from them all along!

Carter & Jack

So Jack comes downstairs to tell me that Carter said the word "a$$." I call Carter down, who upon hearing my voice starts to cry. Carter tries to explain to me that he was telling Jack what words he should not say (of course while saying them himself). I persuaded Carter not to use those words and not to teach them to his younger brothers, all the while Carter is crying.

Jack then continues, saying, "he said some other bad words, but he was just teaching me not to say them." I, again, told them not to say or use those words anymore and sent them back to play.

A few minutes later, Jack is yelling down the back set of stairs that Carter said "one more" but that he was again just teaching him not to use them.

I'm not sure what words Carter was teaching him. I think I was afraid to even ask, for fear he would repeat them to me. We don't use that language in our house, and I shudder to think what first-graders are really learning at school.

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Tomorrow is my next sonogram. I am very anxious to see how things are going (or "growing") inside. My bleeding has either stopped (from my external perspective) or has slowed down greatly. I'm getting very hopeful ... maybe a little prematurely. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

So, at tomorrow's sonogram, I may be able to see if we are having a boy or girl. According to my last sonogram (3 weeks ago), I should be just over 18 weeks. According to my last period, I should only be 14 weeks. I am praying that they don't take away those 4 weeks tomorrow! I'm always overdue anyway, so I think after five very long pregnancies, I deserve a break!

I'm concerned about walking so much for my appointment tomorrow. Since it's at Johns Hopkins, it will be a lot of walking. In the parking garage. To the hospital. In the hospital. Christy thinks I should use a wheelchair. I think I will be too embarassed to use one. I think I would look down and not make eye contact with anyone. We'll see how quickly I'll tire. I have only left the house 2 times in almost 4 weeks ... for my first sonogram and my last OB appointment. My strength is not what it was.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Nice Little Morning

No cars on my bumper today! (Oh, and did I mention that it was "accidental" that they parked so close? Notice the top of my hood is higher than the bottom of their rear window! Whatever!)

Anyway, Kim called this morning because she was heading into town and wanted to see if I needed anything. Christy called, too. She just returned from her trip to the beach.

Lauren came in time to make lunch for the boys and put Spenser in her crib. Poor Spenser fell asleep in her highchair again. She was so grumpy this morning ... I was just hoping that she would stay awake long enough for lunch.

Amy called and offered to take Jack and Mason, so Lauren walked them to Amy's on her way home (she walked to my house today). I urged Amy to bring my boys back sooner today than last time. I just felt so bad that she kept them for four hours. It was nice, but she didn't have to keep them so long. I know it must have been hard for her. Her little girls are only 2 years old and 3 months old.

Last night for Family Home Evening we dyed the Easter eggs. We regularly hold FHE with lessons, etc., so we didn't feel guilty about only having an activity last night (although we did read some scriptures and have prayers, too). Plus, we actually had two FHE's last week. The regular Monday night one and Saturday night I got out our Gospel Art Picture Kit and read all the summaries from the Last Supper through Christ's ascension. I wanted them to have a refresher course before church on Sunday.

I will post pictures of the egg-dying-fest after I download them (I'm on the laptop now, enjoying some peaceful "bedrest" moments with a sleeping baby and no boys. Ahh ... this is nice!).

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Girl Has Her Limits ...

Today, I had it. Absolutely had it. For the last time.

I have a very rude neighbor who, for some unknown reason, started to park his car so close to my front bumper, that he would actually touch it. This has been going on since about October 2005. One night I looked out the window and he was literally up against the front bumper of my car. He backed right up there and sat all night. I actually took pictures, but because it was 10:30 p.m., they turned out kind of dark.

Anyway, I have called the town office to complain (I thought I should do that instead of calling the sheriff's office). Unfortunately, the only person to work daily in the office is a lady, who is friendly with my rude neighbor (known now as "JW"). She called him and discussed the situation and he said he would stop doing it. Well, he's been back at it and today I had it.

Joe's grandparents came up today to do some yard work. I looked out front before dinner to see if they mowed the front (they had been gathering up all the leaves and twigs). When I looked outside, I saw this:

That is my car in the very back. The car 3 inches from my front bumper belongs to JW (yes, leaving a nice margin of 5-6 feet in front of his car).

I called the sheriff's office. I'm not going to fool around with him anymore. Basically, when I called they told me he was doing nothing wrong, even if he was parking within 3 inches of my bumper. I then told them about parking so close a piece of paper wouldn't fit between our two cars and how he left it overnight. Still they said he was not in the wrong and was parking within his rights. His rights?! His rights?! That's about when I lost it. I think I started crying. I told him that I was in the middle of a complicated pregnancy and that I may have to leave my house suddenly and would not be able to move my car. Still, JW has rights. Then I started saying, "What about my rights? He is intimidating me, harassing me? Who is going to protect me?" If I have to leave and he has parked me in, can I put my car in 4-wheel-drive and push his car out of the way ... well, no, that would be wrong, according to the sheriff's office (I know, because I asked that very question).

I think the person knew the only way to get me off the phone was to send a deputy to my house to talk to me. I resisted at first, repeating to them that I was wrong and JW was right. Well, they sent someone anyway. A very nice deputy came, I explained the situation, of course, including my present medical concerns. He went to talk to mean, old JW, and brought him to my house. Okay, not what I wanted (or needed -- more stress with my pregnancy).

Anyway, JW acted all nice and caring, expressing concern about my pregnancy, the parking, etc. He has agreed to stop parking on my bumper. He gave me his cell phone number (should I publish it in my blog so everyone can harass him?!?!?). He requested that I park further back so that I can leave room for him and his three junky, piece of crap vehicles, which Joe refers to as "moving basements" (the junk in them looks like he is about to move somewhere, although his front porch and entire front and back yards look the same). I told him that I cannot drive, but when Joe drives it again on Thursday, he will try.

I kind of felt sorry for the deputy because I was getting really crampy standing there and I was holding my stomach (or "bracing" it from below). The officer asked me if I was okay and kept watching me.

So this is the story for now. Of course, it is subject to change at any time he drives one of his moving basements.

Beginning of Week Four

We had a nice Easter "vacation." Joe surprised me by not going to work on Thursday or Friday. He never seems to tell me anything in advance ... he claims the Army did not approve it until Wednesday evening before he left.

Joe spent Thursday going grocery shopping. We were getting desperate! On Friday and Saturday he spent most of the day putting up vinyl siding on one side of our house. Since we cut down our giant tree, the side of our house was looking more visibly bad. We had done some construction on that side of the house (enclosed the second level porch and the small first level porch, and removed an outside entrance to enlarge our first floor bathroom) and he stuck up the asbestos siding that he removed from the front to cover our new renovations. Not the prettiest stuff. Actually, under the asbestos (on most of our house) is nice, old German wooden siding and we exposed that on the front and one side ... for now. The vinyl siding looks similar to the original wooden siding, and is a big improvement from the asbestos siding and plywood that had been there for nearly five years. We plan to remove the rest of the asbestos around the house and exposing the wooden siding, but that's probably years from happening.

We never dyed Easter eggs. I think we have nearly four dozen eggs. I shouldn't be lifting and did not want to attempt to carry them from the sink to the stove and vice versa. So in the fridge they stay. Not cooked. Not dyed. Will my children ever heal from this?

Today was a great case of miscommunication. I had asked my mother-in-law to help me while the children had spring break. I thought she had plans Tuesday and Wednesday, taking Aunt Lettie for eye surgery. Apparently, the surgery was today. So, I have been home alone with my children. I have been up more than I have been on "bedrest." It is sad to have my 9-year-old put my 17-month-old down for a nap. It is sad that my 7-year-old volunteered to vacuum my family room floor, which was in desperate need of cleaning! It is sad that I turned away other offers of help today because I thought I had some.

Now it's time for some good news. Lauren is coming to help me tomorrow. She is coming at 11:00 a.m. I heard that Dolle is bringing dinner, too. Amy had volunteered to take the boys again tomorrow, but if that falls through, Lauren said she will take the boys back to her house.

Jessica is picking up Jack from preschool on Wednesday, is going to help with the children that afternoon (like put Spenser down for a nap and fix lunches), and she absolutely insists that's she is bringing dinner, too.

More good news is that I go on Thusday for my next sonogram and my Hopkins consult. I am hoping that I will receive good news on my conditions. Friday is my next OB appointment and I am really getting hopeful that my bedrest may come to an end and I can resume "light" activity.

And even more good news: Joe is totally caught up on the laundry and dishes. He had a load of laundry in before I even got out of bed and the dishes emptied from the dishwasher and reloaded with breakfast stuff before he left for work. Dang! A woman could get used to this!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Jack Inquiry

We were eating broccoli the other night when Jack asks, "Is broccoli good for your colon?"

Five-year-old Jack asked that question. At first, I thought I heard incorrectly, so I asked him to repeat his question. Then Carter joined in on the question. Trying not to laugh, I answered, "Yes. Where did you hear that?" And they both answered, "On Fairly Odd Parents."

I guess TV can be semi-educational??

Thursday, April 13, 2006

"A Little Bit Fine"

So I asked Jack the other day if his preschool teacher, Ms. Heather, knew where I've been for the past few weeks. (Joe has been taking him to school and either my mother or Joe's mother have been picking him up since I can't drive.)

He said, "Yes. She asked how you were." I asked, "What did you say?" To which he replied, "She's a little bit fine."

He's so silly ... So, in case you're wondering, I'm a little bit fine.

Corners of My Home

Perhaps not the most flattering picture of my house. This is the step from our family room up to the back set of stairs in our home. The top of this step is on hinges, which leads us to believe that it was a safe of some kind when the house was built (circa 1874). Unfortunately, no buried treasures were found (except a ticket stub and a little scripture on a card -- which are treasures).

We found this safe as we peeled away the red shag carpet that was covering this room when we bought it. And I must say that we removed the red shag long before we started renovations. (We rolled it up with all of the dirt, mouse poop, and food that had been left behind from the former owners.)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The beginning of Spring Break

Taylor & Carter received their new karate belts last night. Carter is a yellow belt and Taylor is a red belt.

She looks like a majorette! I'm laughing at her outfit! She needs some summer/spring shoes. She has two pairs of church shoes, but she can't take a walk in those!

This is her "homeless" outfit from the other day. Hey! I had to just use what I had available!

Spring Break is here for the boys... Yes. Five children for six straight days with a pregnant mama on bedrest! This should be interesting.

Yesterday was quite busy for me. Brinda called bright and early to offer her services to help me in the morning, but my mother was already planning to help. While waiting for my mother, Christy called and then Kim stopped by. Then my mother came, and Sandy called. My mother gave the children lunch, put Spenser to bed (who actually fell asleep in the highchair, poor babe), prepared dinner for us, mopped my kitchen floor again, took out the trash and recycling, walked the boys to Amy's to play, and took Spenser for a walk. Am I missing something??

Amy invited Jack and Mason over to play and she kept them for four hours! She even invited them to come back next Tuesday. I told her we should wait to check on the weather so that she wouldn't have to be stuck with them indoors.

It's been so beautiful outside. Well, at least that's what I've been told ... I did walk out on the deck yesterday for a few minutes.

Today my mother is coming back with Alejandro, Sheyla, and Camryn. The girls will probably entertain Spenser and Jandro will entertain my boys. It's another nice day, so I'm sure they'll head out to the trampoline.

I awoke to some red bleeding today. Not the scary bright red, but the deep red with clots. I'm also crampy. I really was getting optimistic the past few days because it was going back to brown. I have an appointment with Johns Hopkins for my next sonogram and consult on Thursday 4/20. I'm hoping I will get some answers at that time. (I return to my OB on Friday 4/21).

Monday, April 10, 2006

Week three

Week three of bedrest begins today. It hasn't been all bad. Sometimes I think I'm overdoing it.

On Saturday morning my long-time friend, Kathie, came to visit. Actually, she came to help. Joe had to work, which is usual for the Army, and I wasn't sure if I could handle all 5 kids all day long.

Although Kathie doesn't have any children yet, luckily she is a teacher and has experience with crowd control. I loved watching her make four different sandwiches and cutting them just right for each boy ... even making the sound effects that Mason "requires" when cutting the sandwiches. I still laugh at that!

She brought some of the most delicious chili I have ever tasted! Kathie, you can make chili for me anytime! Even Joe agreed!

Today presents it's own challenges. I'm having a lot of morning sickness already today. I'm fighting a fever blister on the middle of my bottom lip. (I only get about one every year or two. It's no wonder I would get one with all this stress.) Joe has to work until midnight (gotta love the Army). Jack has his Easter party and egg hunt at preschool (Joe's mother is going for me). Taylor and Carter have pioneer club after school today (Christy is going to bring them home). Spenser is only wearing a diaper because I forgot to bring down some clothes for her. As tempted as I am to go back upstairs, I feel like I have already done too much this morning, so I must try to stay still for at least a little longer. I think I have a sweater and tights for Spenser downstairs and she may just have to look a homeless girl today.

Amy has offered to take Jack and Mason tomorrow afternoon while Spenser naps. I am looking forward to a little break.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I've been pretty crampy today. Not a lot of blood ... yet. I keep thinking it must be coming with all of these cramps.

I've actually been pretty busy today. I talked to my good friend, Kathie, for almost 1 1/2 hours this morning. I thought I was returning her phone call, but I wasn't. But she did the same thing a few weeks ago when I called her. She called someone else back instead of me.

My mother came over to help with the kids' lunches and to put Spenser in her crib for her afternoon nap. She even threw in a load of Spenser's laundry.

Then Brinda came to visit me today and brought some cinnamon muffins. And it was her birthday!

And then, if more niceness could come my way, Christy brought me dinner and cheesecake! And a sampling of her favorite Chinese food -- crispy beef. It was delicious.

Plus I've had phone calls from Jessica and Kim offering to bring us dinner. And Kathie is coming over on Saturday to help with the kids and says she's bringing dinner, too!

And now, my mother-in-law just called to see if I needed help with dinner. Making it. Serving it. Helping with the children until Joe gets home from work.

I don't feel worthy...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today's doctor's appointment

I went to see my OB today. Instead of the 12 weeks I am "supposed" to be, I am actually 16 weeks! I can't believe I have escaped a month of pregnancy without knowing it! Morning sickness is usually my first sign. Usually within days. I started to feel sick the end of January and was sick a week before I took a pregnancy test. My due date is now September 19th (instead of October 15th).

I had to go for bloodwork, also. They want to check my progesterone and blood count levels. Since I'm bleeding they want to make sure I'm not anemic. The progesterone is just a precaution. (They also did a basic metabolic panel. Not sure about that one.)

I will need to go to Johns Hopkins for my next sonogram (in 2 weeks). I also will be going back to see the doctor in 2 weeks.

She said the bleeding is more than likely coming from the placenta and not the hematoma. I am restricted from things until I stop bleeding. She is concerned about the amount of blood and the clots. I had a clot the size of a quarter this morning, along with smaller ones.

The danger is really with me. I could hemorhage. There is really no danger to the baby unless I hemorhage. So that's good. I'm not planning to hemorhage. :-) I'm to call immediately if the blood turns bright red or is bright red and heavy.

I just need to take it easy.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Can't sleep!

At 2:30 this morning, I awoke to "the feeling." (The "feeling" of dripping.) So I scurried into the bathroom to discover that my bleeding started again. Luckily it is not the scary bright red of day one, but still scary.

When I woke up, I just hoped it was morning. Then I tossed and turned wondering if I did too much on Monday. Worrying myself. Then I started singing a song in my head that would not leave. 99 Luftballoons. I'm sure it's because of this shirt I spied. Then I started thinking that I must order it. Large enough for maternity!

Anyway I laid in bed until after 4:00 a.m. and could stand it no longer. I was getting hungry now. I know I should be on bedrest, but I just could not wake up Joe (actually he woke up when I jumped out of bed) for a snack. That's when I realized I would just have to come downstairs and get one myself. So I ate some cottage cheese.

What I really wanted was some homemade chipped beef and gravy that my mother made me yesterday when she came to help me with the kids. I decided against it ... for now. It's still tempting me. I have been having an unnatural craving for gravy. All kinds. Gravy on fries. Gravy on mashed potatoes. Gravy on meat. Gravy on bread. Gravy on my finger. I actually had gravy for all three meals yesterday. Mashed potatoes and gravy for breakfast. Chipped beef gravy for lunch. Roast beef and gravy over bread for dinner. This needs to stop! I need to weigh in on Wednesday morning. And this cannot be good for me.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

King Kong! King Kong!

Last night Joe and the boys watched King Kong. It was a long 3 hours, but they did it! When it was over, Carter came up to my room. He walked over to the other side of the bed and said, "Mom, we just watched King Kong. He died ..." then he started to sob and added, "I didn't like that."

Then I had him come over to my side of my bed and climb in so I could snuggle with him. He sobbed. Joe came in and we tried to comfort him together. I explained it was only a movie and that King Kong did not exist and he was only a robot in the movie. That didn't help.

Then I pulled out all the stops and told him the family story of King Kong. Sorry, Craig.

Many years ago (too many to mention) we watched the old King Kong as children (I was about 7 and Craig was about 4 maybe). When it was over, Craig threw a temper tantrum and my mother pointed to Craig and said "King Kong! King Kong!" Well Craig misunderstood that Mom was calling him King Kong and thought King Kong was standing behind him in the dining room. He screamed and ran to my mother. We laughed so hard. We still laugh today. And Carter laughed so hard last night, that he forgot how sad he was.

I'm doing a little better today with my bedrest. Christy is coming over shortly to start her smocking lessons. I can't wait!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Trying to stay busy on bedrest

So many yummy meals have been coming our way.

On Thursday Amy brought over a broccoli and chicken casserole with desserts. Last night Darla brought pot roast with carrots & potatoes, green beans and homemade bread. Yum! I had lost a couple of pounds the last few days. No more. Those pounds are back! And with leftovers I can only imagine what will happen.

My mother brought over taco stuff. She was going out of town, but wanted to make sure we had plenty to eat.

Christy is coming over this evening or tomorrow to show me how to "smock." She's a southern girl and very talented. I'm excited. I was even dreaming about it last night. I know. It's sad.

I know very little, if anything, about smocking. She showed me her pleater one day while we were hemming my brother Andy's fire-academy uniforms. I was intrigued at that point and she said she would teach me. There's no better time with all this "free" time I have now. So, again, I'm very excited. I just can't say that enough.

Joe has been spring cleaning. Cleaning out the winter clothes from the boys' dressers and finding room for warm-weather clothes. I feel blessed to have missed that little ritual. I've done it every season and it's nice to see him do it. He's been so good to us this week. I'll be sad to see him go back to work on Monday. What will I do?!?