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So, things are getting expensive. Gas. Groceries. Life with six children. We just learned that our water rates are going up 9% across the county. While I've always cut coupons (if and when I get a Sunday paper), I wasn't very diligent. I only cut the coupons of the things I regularly buy. And then I'd still buy generic. However, a co-worker of Joe's is really into couponing and has been getting Joe all pumped up about it. I thought I'd show you my deals. Um. Yeah. A cardigan and shoes. I'm pretty sure that when Joe was pumped about saving money, he thought I'd actually save the money instead of turning around and spending my savings. (But I got excellent deals on both!) (Sorry for the dark photo. If it would ever stop raining here, I might have some decent sunlight. And it would help my severe vitamin-D deficiency.)

Lace Belt

I actually had a different idea for the (crocheted) lace, but when I thought of a lace-only belt, I threw my original idea out the window. This belt is so springy. Light. Airy. Breezy. Feminine. Spring, indeed. I wore this exact outfit (plus jean capris) to here with Sawyer (and friends), here (to buy a few things for the garden), and out to tend the chickens. Pearls . To tend to chickens.

Ruffly Yellow Belt

You know, the yellow belt was going to be another tuxedo belt , but when I linked over to the original tuxedo belt, I spied another belt that I liked. I made a little yellow bow for the front, but I have mixed feelings about it. I want it to be removable, yet look like it's actually a part of the belt. I'm loving that vintage yellow button. It is perfect for this belt so I want to show that, too.

Sash Belt

I'm still on belts. One belt I wanted to make was a sash belt. I found a very quick and easy tutorial, although it's so simple you really don't need a tutorial. It's a little floppy, but that's okay with me. I made the belt with some polka-dotted polyester that I found on clearance at the fabric store.