What's Old is New

After finding my new-old chenille blankets at the thrift store on Saturday, it got me thinking. (I know, that can be extremely dangerous.) Joe's grandmother had given us an old chenille bedspread years ago. Hmm ... where is that thing?

It became an obsession. After searching through the cedar chest in our closet (and not finding it), I went into the attic (where I had to go anyway to reconnect the cable to our bedroom television that Joe's father accidentally disconnected on Tuesday). There I saw in my one labeled storage containers the bumpy chenille.

I wasn't sure if it would fit our queen-size bed, but it sure did. I love the pattern:

Inside the container with the blanket were 2 old family quilts from Joe's side. Here is one:
It's folded in half in this photo and I really don't remember it having the large stain on the front in real life, maybe it's the poor lighting. I forget who this belonged to and I don't know who quilted it, but it is old, frail, and of very fine workmanship. While we have small children, I couldn't bear to keep this quilt out, so I packed it up and stuck it back up in the attic.

I did a few other minor things around the room and hallway, so when Joe comes home Friday night, our room is going to look different from when he left on Monday morning. Surprise! (Maybe one time I'll paint the room while he's gone. Are you up for that, Kim? She's always offering to help me paint.)


Karyn said…
Love that bedspread!!!!!!!!! It was worth all the work to dig it out!
Anonymous said…
that is a seriously amazing spread!

and double-irish chain quilt is great - have you considered hanging it?

and i have painted while my husband was out of town. he didn't notice.
Sarah and Jack said…
This is gorgeous! I have a similar one that I am really in love with right now.
Anonymous said…
just let me know when and i will be there!!!
laura capello said…
ooooooooo... preeeettttteeee.... ::drool:: preeeeetttteeeee...

my dad has a bunch of linens passed down to him from his mother and grandmothers, stuffed away in his house somewhere. he keeps saying he's going to give it all to me.

but the only not-so-fabulous part is all of it uses bright, bright florescent colors that frighten me a bit.
Anonymous said…
What nice finds right in your own home. :o)
Anonymous said…
Me again,

I think sometimes you forget that I read your blog.

I forgot about those also, but Mom and Grandma would be very hapy to see you have them in use. Wonder what else we have hiding out?

Love you,

Katie Jean said…
How pretty is that!? Don't you just love bringing out things you haven't seen in a while?
christy said…
we had a pink spread like that when i was a kid. i liked it then and still do.
blissful said…
What a beautiful bedspread (so glad you found it) -- my brothers had matching olive green ones, not nearly as nice as yours.

Loved your post about your darling baby..they are true gifts!

Found you through Trail Mix :)
Anonymous said…
I have white chenille on our bed too! Although mine is new from JCP I think? But I like how it brighten up the whole room. Winter time is quilts, but spring and summer...its chenille!
Me and Him said…
The bedspread is very pretty. As is the quilt. I'd hang it on a wall, so I could look at it every day.
Anonymous said…
you were busted by joe! :)

(my husband reads mine, too - and sometimes i forget)

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