Thursday, January 24, 2008

Black & White Shirt

I get slightly obsessed sometimes. Like in the instance of shirt-making. And skirt-making. And baby-outfit-making. And other "-makings." It's just how I am. If I find a shirt I like at the store, I buy multiples. In different colors. In the same colors. Whatever. I can't tell you how many short-sleeved white tees I own.

So, this shirt is no exception. I know you know what it is. Simplicity 3835. Again. (Somehow I'm not even embarrassed to admit it either.)

This is my fourth attempt. I used Alexander Henry's Arvika fabric, which was bought for a skirt, when I was in my skirt-making phase. I really love the design on the fabric. In fact, I might need a skirt, too. (Not to wear together though.)

I had some issues with this shirt. You would think after making it three previous times, and it being a very simple pattern, it would be perfect. But it's not. I made it during commercials of a show Joe and I were watching, so I was only working in 3-4 minute increments and I was rushing and distracted. But really, that's no excuse.

First, the neck elastic is too big and it is a little gapy around my neck. It's like a boatneck. (More than I like. It will need to be fixed before warmer weather approaches.)

At one point around the neckline, I sewed the casing a little too narrow. While the elastic fit through, it doesn't gather as much at that spot. (An easy fix.)

And, along the bottom hem, I guess part of the double-rolled hem didn't double. Still an easy fix. But it will make me nuts until it is fixed.

I'm not making any promises, but I'm really going to try to stop making this shirt soon ... Well, at least until spring or summer.


Karyn said...

Oh my, I love that top. Do NOT stop making it. Make a million of them, it's fantastic!!! you know, I have purchased fabric to make THREE of those tops??? I MUST get around to that soon. Maybe this weekend.

And...nice necklace ;)

Note for DianNe: Lisa made that necklace.

Katie Jean said...

Oh, I'm totally the same way. I have so many multiples of shirts its ridiculous.

I love your shirt too. The fabric is great!

Anonymous said...

i thought that was a new one last night at YW. I really like it!

Jodi said...

i know i keep telling you this, but I love your blog and I am ready to start sewing clothes!! except i have quilts to finish....

Tonya said...

Just wanted to say, I just found your blog today, and really enjoyed looking through it. It caught my eye because I am a Mom of 7 and I love to sew too : )
Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I love the shirt, gonna have to get that pattern at the next Joann's sale!

Anonymous said...

i'm the same way, too. multiples in everything i like.

and why would you stop making that shirt?

Chara Michele said...

I love that fabric & top!
Don't stop making those tops, they look so great!
Actually you & Karyn are both to blame for me buying that pattern while at the store the other day. (I forgot to buy elastic though, so no new tops for me yet, but hopefully soon.)

Jen said...

The shirt is very cute. In fact, I'm going to take a look at the pattern for myself!

I like it over the long sleeve t-shirt even...making it multi-season wear!

And, by the way, your kids are adorable. All of them. So cute.

Mary Sarah said...

I love your new shirt! I see nothing wrong with the same top/skirt/pants/whatever in different colors. If you have something you like, go with it!

beki said...

I really like the shirt in that fabric, Lera! I'm sure once I start making this top I won't be able to quit either ;-)

FinnyKnits said...

My thought is this; If you are sewing your own clothes, you can have as many as you want.


Plus, that top is really cute and this fabric is perfect for that pattern.

hooli said...

ok ok ok... i love this. you're really good and you're giving me pattern-following envy.
i bought this fabric, too. i love you. you, my girl, have great taste.

atet said...

Love that fabric and the shirt. And hey -- if you love it and will wear it, um, I'm not going to tell you to stop!

amandajean said...

I know all about obsessions. :)

that shirt is fantastic. especially in that print. it looks so great on you. and you know, if you find something that works, you might as well go with it.

Little Munchkins said...

Lera, you are just like me. Once I find something I like, I tend to get the same ones in different colours.

Love the blouse, by the way. I really need to get that pattern. I love peasant tops.

wende said...

Oh, I totally get it. I just made a version of that pattern last week and now I'm scrounging around looking for more material to make another. And another. Oh, say five or six of them. :D

I really like yours... the fabric rocks. :D

julie (jane's apron) said...

I really like that shirt. I have a vintage pattern that is very similar to it but it for girls. Now, I know where to find one for me. thanks!