Thursday, January 17, 2008

8 Random Things

Kirsten tagged me for this meme about a month ago. I had forgotten about it, but here it is:

I received the above wonderful goodies before Christmas. Ruffled rickrack and bias tape from Making it Fun. Cadbury Popping Elves from Karyn. A handmade felt brooch from Beki.

I have plans for the trims. We've eaten the elves. The brooch is on my jean jacket.

Carter has been dying for a rock tumbler/polisher. The boy is obsessed with rocks.

Santa brought him a rock tumbler. It. Is. The. Loudest. Thing. On. Earth. Ever.

It sits on our front porch. It is so loud. And it has to run for nearly a month! A month!! Did I mention it is loud? Obviously Santa did not know this about the rock tumbler.

I found this vintage, rhinestone reindeer brooch at the Swap Shop. Free. I love it. It was after Christmas when I got it. I can't wait until next Christmas to wear it. It rocks. And all the rhinestones are intact.

This is Sawyer in a tree in Gettysburg. He loved being in the tree. He was upset when we took him out. (All the kids sat in the tree. Joe was close by so there were no accidents.) The tree is where the Gettysburg Address was delivered.

We have gone geocaching every weekend since Christmas. We went a lot over Christmas break, too. It's a great family activity, which I highly recommend. (Thanks, Karyn and your Joe.)

I've been teaching Spenser how to curl her tongue.

I found this fat quarter at a non-fabric store on our way to Gettysburg. Very cheap.

This was Mason's project from his sick day yesterday. We filled out most of his book. I had the same book when I was a kid and I loved it.


Karyn said...

You are so lucky to have ruffled rickrack!! Make something with it would ya and make me even MORE jealous! :)

Look at how sweet Sawyer looks in that tree!!

I'm so glad that your family is having fun with geocaching! (more like relieved since you bought the GPS!)

And yes, every girl needs to know how to curl her tongue....LOL! What a cutie!

Sonja said...

"I eat like a KID."
That's awesome.

Amy Jo said...

De-lurking to laugh at the rock tumbler. We, too, acquired a rock tumbler at Christmas that my 8 year old requested from his aunt. Obsessed with rocks as well. Ours is in extra bathroom - too cold here for outside. Loud. Annoying. Really loud. We can hear it all over the house. We've already told him no more rock tumbling until weather warms up and it can go outside! Thanks for the giggles!

Anonymous said...

i love spenser's hair.

the fabric is adorable too.

very cool tree.

neat little book.

kirsten said...

cool stuff, lera!
love that dr. seuss book - never heard of it before!

laeroport said...

What idiot would abandon such a wonderful brooch? Score one for you!

I got a Beki flower pin too - mine has a girl scout button in the middle. Gah! I love it!

My HUSBAND wants a rock polisher b/c he never got one as a kid. Thanks for the heads up on the noise factor.

Ack! Sawyer in a tree! Too cute!
Spencer curling her tongue - cute again! And Mason, good work there buddy. Hope you're feeing better today!

Kirsten tagged me for something back in December too. Hmmmm... maybe I should go back and look at that.

Have a good day, my friend!

Blondie said...

Loved the notes about G'burg- I actually lived there for 2 years, posts like this really make me miss it!

Alicia A. said...

We also have a rock tumbler. So loud. SO LOUD. We put it down in the basement door shut, with a towel stuffed under the door...

madre adoptiva said...

I have a theory about why some kids can curl their tongues and others can't. So, I just have to ask... was she breastfed? Love the pictures! Your family does such fun and inspiring stuff.

atet said...

Love the colors of the ric rac and trim you got! And that brooch? Yeah -- way too cool. Not sure I'd wait 'til Christmas for that one!

amandajean said...

laughing so hard over here about the rock polisher. I feel for ya' sister.

that book looks cute and fun. :)
love the green bean answer. just precious.

sugarandsnails said...

Where is this magical Swap Shop place? I live in Maryland and I've never heard of it!

Gigs said...

Stumbled on your blog today. I read your first post and had to laugh....the one about the rock tumbler. My daughter was the same way and "santa" brought one for Christmas too and we didn't know how loud it was or how long they had to tumble. LOL, we kept ours on the porch too. Too funny.

Charli said...

Oh! I won the ruffle rac and bias tape from them as well! I got the blue and green polka dotted. I have used some of it, but I need to post what I did with it! It's sooo great! I Lurve winning free things!