Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An Election Day Trip

Yesterday we met up with my mother, sister, brother, and several nieces and nephews at Boyds Bear Country (in Gettysburg, PA). It's like a giant ... museum. Well, that's at least what I told my children it was. It was really about four floors of toys. And knick knacks. Things to buy. (I think the older ones caught on that it was really a store and not a museum.)

We had a little snack while we were there. Nachos and ice cream.

Tried on some bear ears.

Visited the nursery! (How cute is this?)

Held newborn babies.

Posed with giant bears. (Some as tall as seven feet!)

And found some cool candy corn decorations.

It was our first trip there. And it's surprisingly close. Like 30 minutes away. On our way home, Spenser asked if we could go back today.

We stopped to vote on the way home. I had all six with me. The children have been learning about the election and I thought it was important for them to not only see how we vote, but to see me vote. They stood at my side and made sure I voted for the right person. (Our voting booths are equipped with electronic touch screens, so it was quick and easy. Well the voting part was quick and easy part. The hard part was keeping them quiet while I tried to read the new laws they were trying to pass.)


Sarah and Jack said...

I haven't a clue how you managed to vote with 6 kids. Jack kept shaking that flimsy little voting booth thingy and here we have to fill in these annoying little circles with this marker thingy. Have you ever tried to fill in annoying little circles during an earthquake? That's what it was like!LOL

Karyn said...

I am STILL laughing at the "museum scam"!!!!!

Looks like a great place.

7 foot bears?????

laeroport said...

Oh, yes, SO important that they see you vote. Good job, brave mama. And 6 in a STORE that big? Even more brave. :)

Stacey said...

Those wooden candy corns are great! Looks like a fun place. :)

amandajean said...

the nursery IS so cute. and speaking of cute, how about that little sawyer?! those eyes-oh, my!!!

your snack sounds delightful. :)

Little Munchkins said...

What a great place! I know my kids would have had lots of fun.

TinkerBlue said...

I love the museum trip. How much longer do you think you can get away with that?

Tori said...

Oh now that looks so fun.
Love the outside of the building!

Liz said...

Good for you to take them an expose them to the process.

julie said...

Our voting experience was awesome and easy and rewarding, too, although only with two monkey helpers, not six--six is even helpfuller, right? The only thing I had to worry about was keeping my hand protectively over the big tempting red button that locks in my vote while I futzed over all the county commissioners and judges and superintendents and what-have-you.