Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beach Day

Yesterday my mother, three sisters, and one of my brothers took the children (15 children, total) to the beach for the day.

It was a long day. The drive alone was more than three hours each way. The day seemed longer by the chilly weather (not sure if it hit above 70 degrees all day) and the wind. Oh, man, the wind!!

So, we spent the day eating.

And watching the kids bury each other in the sand.

And build castles and forts and dig trenches and holes in the sand.

And then our mother took our picture together. (From left: Emily, Kate, Craig, Lisa, and me in the hat.)

It was so windy that I never took off my clothes that were over my bathing suit. And that towel became my beach wrap. The kids were much braver than we were. They got in the water. (The boardwalk was just as windy and cold.) Still, it was a great day.


Today is our 14th wedding anniversary. * * * * * I am starting to potty-train Sawyer today.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Love,


Katie said...

Our picture turned out pretty good!!! I had a ton of fun yesterday, though I wish I took off today to recoup!

Happy anniversary and many, MANY more!!

Love, Katie

Marty said...

Kids don't care about a little wind and cold. We had a birthday party for my grandson at a park that has a splash park, and two of my grandkids went in the splash park even though the temps never got over 70 F. The water wasn't heated, either.

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversry!

Looks like you had fun at the beach!

jessi said...

Happy Anniversary Lera!

nikko said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Is that first picture Sawyer? He looks way bigger if it is, Happy Anniversary!

x hel x

shirley said...

Happy Anniversary!!

FinnyKnits said...

Happy Anniversary! Even though you have a bizarre way of celebrating. Potty training? Funny girl.

amandajean said...

happy anniversary! (better than last year, right?) your day at the beach looks like it was tons of fun!

Maureen said...

I am glad we live near to the beach...I love it!

And a happy anniversary ofcourse =)