Monday, June 22, 2009

Depot Day

Saturday our little town had it's annual Depot Day. 100+ years ago our town was bustling with railroad passengers. (There was even a hotel in town!) We have a little museum on Main Street at the original depot with old railroad memorabilia and a train garden.

Every year we have a small fair with lots of yummy food, tours of the railroad museum and the large factory in town, yard sales, etc.

They had a dunking booth this year and our mayor was in it. He is the boys' karate instructor, so they had a lot of fun trying to get him wet. Carter dunked him first, lefthanded (??).

And Jackson got him next.

The dunking booth was their priority. After that, we settled down for some lunch.

We waited around until the dedication of the town bell. Apparently there was a college on this property over 100 years ago. This bell hung at the college and, when it was torn down, it sat in someone's basement for almost a century. It was donated back to the town and dedicated on Saturday.

And we can't have Depot Day without getting inside of a train. These are the tracks that run right behind our house and this train is similar to (or the same one?) that goes by our house several times a day.

I love the history of our little town. I really do think we picked the perfect place to live.


amandajean said...

looks like a fun day! good for your boys for dunking the mayor! :) i bet that was a blast for them.

Jane said...

The hot dog eating picture is so sweet! Taylor (oldest?) holding the little guy. So sweet!

Mirre said...

Looks like a lovely day! Are you feeling better yet?

nikko said...

Now that sounds like an activity that my boys would love -- hot dogs, dunking the mayor, trains...

Emily said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!