Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Girl Has Too Many Clothes

... so I made her two skirts.

That would be me. The one who struggles to stuff everything into her daughter's dresser and then decides to sew her some new clothes.

But how could I resist when I saw this cute fat quarter skirt? I mean, I couldn't not make one (or two) for Spenser. How could I not, I ask?

The skirt was super simple and whipped up in hardly any time at all and it's an inexpensive project, costing around $3 for the two fat quarters needed per skirt.

For both skirts I used random widths. For the pink monkey skirt I used three fat quarters, but only about half each of the brown and yellow. (I wanted brown. She wanted yellow. So we decided to make it brown and yellow.)

She loves them both. In fact, she strutted her stuff in the monkey skirt to church on Sunday and then again when we went on a family walk Sunday night.

And, even though her dresser cannot possibly fit any more clothes, she is requesting a dress. Who am I to refuse?!?


Brenda said...

It's fun to sew for little girls. Very cute skirts.

Tracey said...

Maybe it's better that I have a boy. I would totally succumb to the cute factor and sew LOTS of little girl clothes!

Marty said...

Miss Grace has way too many clothes too, and I've volunteered to make her school pants. She needs the clothes-she changes about five times a day!

Jane said...

With five boys, you have earned your girlie indulgences. Enjoy every minute of it!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

She is turning into such a girly girl! Love the skirts, Lera!

FinnyKnits said...

Oh cute skirts!!

I love the pink/brown/monkey skirt. I do hope my goddaughter likes handmade clothes, because I can't resist these projects.

Chara Michele said...

Such cute skirts!

amandajean said...

those are so cute! gotta love a cheap, quick and cute project like that. (how many times can i use cute in a comment? apparently a lot!)