Thursday, August 19, 2010


In the spring I planted six jalapeno plants. One was promptly eaten by a critter, which left me with five. I guarded those plants with my life. That is, if you include the cut hair from my boys' head as being part of my life, which I totally do because I gave them life. Anyway ....

Our plants are literally popping with jalapenos and I'm in heaven. I picked a colander full just this morning to pickle. I have at least this many jalapenos still on the plants.

And I'm drying a few. I tossed in a few cayenne peppers, too. (A lot of our cayennes are still green.) My house is filling with pepper fumes and sometimes I can feel it in my throat and it makes me cough.

*Ooh! And notice the yellow pear tomatoes? They were a garden surprise. Over near our mint patch (which is now also a strawberry patch), I noticed a few volunteer tomato plants. Two were yellow pears and two or three are cherry tomatoes. I just love how Mother Nature works with the artful calculation of plants re-seeding themselves for future harvests. It's like she knew I wasn't going to plant the yellow pears this year and wanted to treat me anyway.


Sarah and Jack said...

Mmmmmm pickled peppers to put on my pringles and hummus. :-)

gale said...

Beautiful! I'd love to know how you dry the peppers in the oven. We had a volunteer cherry tomato a couple of years ago and it produced as well as the plants we bought.

FinnyKnits said...


I've gotten maybe half a dozen peppers of my one plant. I think it's getting too much shade from the monster tomato plant.

Oh well, better luck next year for me :)