Wednesday, October 06, 2010

This is How I Feel Today:

Go ahead and fill in the blank: ________. Frazzled. Frustrated. That's me.

I have a bunch on my plate today. Well, the past few weeks.
  • Taylor is officially starting his Eagle Scout project. He is building three benches for a walking path in our town. It has taken since the spring for the BSA district to approve the project. An insane amount of time. We had hoped to have it completed this summer. Before soccer season started. Now we're thick in the middle of soccer season. We just started to receive donations this week. The boards have been cut and, if the rain holds off this evening, the benches will be assembled with the help of the scouts from our troop. Awesome. Installation and cleanup of the park are scheduled for the 16th.
  • We honored Kristen's memory on September 9th with a family brunch at my house. Eight long years since she died.
  • Today Kristen would have been 31 years old.
  • On September 6th, we started a small remodel of our kitchen. It was "done enough" for the 9th. We haven't touched it since ...
  • Sawyer, my baby, celebrated his 4th birthday. We had a joint weenie roast with my nephew (whose 14th birthday was the day after).
  • Kids' Halloween requests are coming in. Including one from my niece. She texts me every few days to see how it's coming along. She wants it to be mailed by Saturday. I haven't started it yet. She neglected to tell me she wanted it a month before Halloween.
  • Mine and Joe's birthdays are this weekend.
  • I have knit and frogged many times over the past 24 hours.
  • Spenser had her maiden voyage to the school nurse last week. Jackson was swinging his umbrella at the bus stop and it hit her in the face, just as the bus pulled up.
  • Mason visited the nurse four times in one day. A student dropped a book on his open eye and then he fell off the monkey bars and his knee hit his bottom lip into his braces.
  • I'm sure there are another 999,000 things calling my name, but I'm trying to ignore them.
This little "thing" was started on Sunday while I watched General Conference. She's a freaky little thing. Really, it's not her. It's me. (And my poor execution.)


Marty said...

I think she's kind of cute! Maybe it's a new product line-for stressed out people. I'm loaded too-church stuff, washing dogs and bedding, having two more people in the house for a while.... And what does Hubs do-go fishing! Oh well, I love having my son and grandson-they're great company, and the big church project is all set and will be done on Saturday. And the dogs smell better. And since Hubs is gone for the day, I think I'll run off for a while too-fabric store or something.

nikko said...

Hang in there!

I can't believe Sawyer is FOUR!!