Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Mason story ...

Yes, if you can bear it ...

Today at Taylor's basketball game, Mason had to go to the bathroom. I asked Carter to take him and to help him wash his hands. A few minutes later, Carter returned alone. I asked him where Mason was and he said he was pooping (in the boys' room, of course!). I told him to go back and wait for him, and when he needed help, to come get me.

I waited. And waited some more. No sign of either one. I went down to check on them and I saw Mason washing his hands. I immediately asked who wiped his bottom. Carter then replied, "he didn't poop enough to wipe." WHAT?!?!

I made Mason go into the girls' room and I checked him. And, yes, he needed to be wiped.


(By the way, just when I think basketball season is over again -- Taylor's team won today at the playoffs! They've only won 2 games total and one just had to be the playoffs! So now we have another game next week at the championships! Oh my!)

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