Friday, February 03, 2006

Busy, Busy Days

Today, Mason had an appointment with Carter's pediatric cardiologist (a Johns Hopkins doctor) to make sure he doesn't have Carter's heart problem (bicuspid aortic valve). The doctor said Mason looks GREAT! He does not have Carter's heart problem! Yipee! Mason was so good in the office (except when they took his blood pressure and the cuff got tight and when they stuck probes all over his chest -- that kinda freaked him out). The doctor said he wished all of his 3-year-old patients were as good as Mason. I guess it helped that the doctor's office has a portable DVD player and he just happened to have a Superman DVD. Mason laid perfectly still during the echocardiogram.

Mason and Spenser had appointments at the doctor's today for pinkeye. Spenser woke up okay today, so the doctor did just gave the prescription to me and didn't fax it ahead. However, Carter's eye was pink today, so I didn't send him to school and she looked at his eye and thinks he's starting with it. So, now Mason and Carter need the eyedrops and Jack is finally finished (and Spenser is on hold for now). I hate giving eye drops! The boys are so vicious!!! Jack laid perfectly still and said he liked them. Carter and Mason are horrible.

I had to run to BJ's to get a few things and Carter and Jack fought the entire time. They were nasty to each other; getting in people's way; and acting crazy. It was a very bad experience. Now I know why I go shopping while everyone is at school (except Mason and Spenser). Two is so much easier than 4 ... or 5!

I finished 2 handbags in the past few days. I'm about to start my faux zebra fur trench. Christy finished hers last weekend, and I had to wait to try hers on before I could start mine to make sure the shoulders and length would fit me. I have to broaden the shoulders a tad and lengthen the sleeves 1-2" (according to Christy, whose sewing opinion I trust).

Joe returns tomorrow from Virginia. He's lucky to escape the pinkeye mania in our household. I think I'll put him on eyedrop-duty Saturday and Sunday ... maybe not ... he sometimes gets mad when they squirm.

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