Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Milestone Reached

Our family finished reading The Book of Mormon tonight (we started July 2005). It has been a challenge to get five little ones to sit still, but we finally reached this giant milestone. Most nights we would read at least a chapter. But not every night. Sometimes it was only 5-10 verses, whatever I felt we could do with hurting each other :-). Some nights we would read 2 chapters or more. I read the entire thing aloud (except the one night I had a sore throat and Joe had to read -- I didn't like that very much).

I am so proud of my little family.

I asked the boys their favorite part of The Book of Mormon and this is what they said:

Taylor -- can't remember, it was too long.
Carter -- "the beginning" meaning 1st Nephi
Jackson -- The Army of Helaman
Mason -- the "armies" (Helaman? or just war stories?)

I guess it's time to start back up again. I guess we will get to read Carter's favorite part again really soon. This time we are going to involve the older boys more and have them write down things in a journal (i.e., what different names is Jesus Christ called? and how many times did prophets tell the people to "repent and be baptized?").

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