Saturday, February 04, 2006

Walking Freak Show ...

Yep. That's me.

Why is it that everyone I don't know, knows me? Today at basketball a man walked by, smiling. Then he stopped to say, "Finally got a girl, huh?" I have no idea who he is. Then he talked to me for a few minutes and talked to Spenser and rubbed her head.

This is a very common occurrence for me. My friend, Nikki, says I have a "stalker" (not for real, don't worry -- I'm not in any danger). There is a lady around town that always talks to me like she knows me and knows about me. It's a little odd. No. It's a lot odd. It was only through Nikki that we found out who she is (kinda -- we really found out who her daughter is, who is nobody to me).

I swear I am like a walking freak show. Everyone in this little town knows us, our family, and maybe our secrets ... shhhh

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