Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not Much of Anything

I've had a few sick children this week. Yesterday Taylor stayed home. Today Jackson is staying home. Mostly coughs, sniffles, and fevers.

Yesterday it snowed off and on (mostly off). But, at one point, the most giant snowflakes I've ever seen were falling from the sky. They were bigger than Sawyer's hand! They were giant!

To pass the time away yesterday (a sick child home from school changes all "plans"), I made some peanut butter granola. Oh, my is it good. I didn't have dry-roasted peanuts, so I used regular salted ones. Excellent. Someone keep me away from it. Please??


Stacey said...

Pretty picture...I love old looking barn pictures~

nikko said...

Um, yum! I love to make my own granola. I'll have to add that recipe to my arsenal. It looks yummy!

Here's to hoping the sickies pass through your house quickly!

amandajean said...

yet again, we are living insanely parallel lives. i have a sick kid at home. we had our snow yesterday. and i've got granola on the brain.

hope Jackson is feeling better soon. (it sure does change one's plans for the day, doesn't it???)